Addie J, the Sociologist

ADDIE J: Mom, who’s your favorite kid?

JULIE: I don’t have a favorite.

ADDIE J: No, come on. Who is it?

JULIE: When each one of you was born, a whole universe of love opened up in my heart that belonged only to you. So Cam has his own universe of love, and Gabby […]

    Oh no. Gabby has discovered astrology.

    Of course she wants to be a Leo. Check out her sign.

    So yesterday, Gabby spent a large portion of her day checking out astrological charts and reporting when they made sense and when they did not. Gabby is a Leo, so this was immensely fun for her. Basically, all of the information […]

      A couple of stories.

      You already know, I think, that I have a chronic case of Resting Bitch Face (or as I like to call this apparently totally offensive phenomenon, “my face”). I am therefore especially susceptible to that comment that some men make to women: “Smile! It’s not that bad!” The takeaway here is, what? That because I […]

        What does a migraine feel like?

        I still remember my first migraine. I was in sixth grade, and it started after colliding with another girl on the playground in the morning. My head was still ringing and my vision was still blurred about an hour later at lunch. Later that afternoon, I threw up and fell asleep, and woke up feeling […]

          Things a parent has to say, Part A Million…

          “Addie, that is a word that means ‘rooster.’ And please stop saying it. Say rooster.”

            This is my brain on text.

            I currently have possession of the phone of one of my children. Texts continue to roll in- the child in question must have told their peeps that I have the phone, but I guess they’re thinking optimistically- and I must have turned into a crabby old man overnight. Because I cannot take these constant […]

              Stupidity Level: Max.

              Remember the Egyptian plane hijacking of yesterday? ….Well, did you know that the absolute most self-involved, least self-aware man in the world was on that flight? (Not even talking about the hijacker. For real.) Turns out that a British gentleman named Ben Innes, whose Instagram probably contains a photo of every meal he has ever eaten, […]

                Jilly is here!!!!!

                Jill and her family arrived in town last night. Everything this week has now turned up to an eleven.

                  Guess what?

                  …..Turns out, when the test is instrumental in Cam’s procuring his driver’s permit*, he turns into a studying machine.


                  *Also a side note that Dave always, always says “driver’s per-MIT” instead of “driver’s PER-mit.”And then I tease him about it, and then he rolls his eyes but he can’t fix it: he will […]

                    Just a thought…

                    I think the same people who thought Sarah Palin was a refreshing and intelligent person, are the ones voting for Tump now.


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