We interrupt your Cameron stories to bring you this text exchange….

….Between Gabby and my brother, Mike. Mikey, as you know, did not live nearby until not too long ago- so while he heard a lot about Gabby and her Gabbiliciousness, it’s only recently that he has been deluged with it on the regular. Likewise, I don’t think Gabby was cognizant that she had a […]

    Cammy and the house

    My boys, on our trip to the East coast this Christmas break.

    One time, when Cam was four years old, we spent the afternoon at the beautiful, recently remodeled home of a friend who (unbeknownst to Cammy, of course) was in the midst of a great deal of marital trouble. Everyone was outside, […]

      Fifteen years ago today….

      He had already had several haircuts. SEVERAL.

      …was my due date with my first child, whose gender we did not know. I grew up with an adorable little brother (he’s still cute, fyi- and now he comes with a wife and daughter, which is a bonus), so I hoped for an adorable little boy […]

        The Things I Learn by Doing Laundry

        About a month ago, Cam was struggling with something. It was nothing major, but it was a new situation, so he was new at how to deal with it. One afternoon I mentioned an idea I had, and Cam did a very teenager-y thing: he said, with great weariness in his voice, “Mom. I’ve got […]

          Guess What’s Coming??

          Dave’s newest work car arrives today!!!! For those who recall Blue Steel #neverforget, I have, ever since that debacle, successfully lobbied for a car that doesn’t look like I’m driving Superman’s tights down the street. Bad news: I actually don’t know what color he chose. Good news: I’m 90% sure he went with charcoal grey. […]

            That was unexpected.

            We had such a fun party at our house on Saturday, to celebrate both Mardi Gras (still crabby that we missed it this year) and my birthday. We got up on Sunday and it was one of those mornings where the remnants of the night before are everywhere, but you’re not that upset because […]

              Gabby and her Hair

              Gabby has been getting into different hairstyles lately: she comes downstairs in the morning, and instead of her typical, “put my hair in a ponytail?” or, “Nah, I’ll just brush it,” she brings hair ties and requests: “Can we do the Skrillex?” This thrills me to no end: I love doing hair. My favorite […]

                Well, this is new.

                It’s actually even cuter than this.

                Addie J started tae kwon do about a month ago. Not because she was particularly interested in doing anything except watching Youtube videos about Minecraft, but mainly because we continue to insist that she participate in some kind of physical activity. This has resulted in many different […]

                  This Cannot Be.

                  Our eldest child is almost 15. Dave went to a presentation last night regarding the school district’s options for young drivers, and came home with a printout of the PowerPoint; some additional information gleaned from a Q&A; and a sort-of stunned face. I agree: how did my sweet little tiny boy become this handsome […]

                    I mean, it’s true.

                    Here’s Addie J’s idea of responsibility in class. We are so proud:

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