Update: Gabby and the raisins

[From another AIM message of my husband’s:]

Dave: btw…I could just kick your ass over gabby’s raisin dumps

Dave: she just blew out another pair of shorts

Dave: The next time you decide to give her a bucket of raisins, you’re staying home for the next two days. She has gone through 5 pairs […]

    Anatomy of a teleconference

    [When I got to the office this morning, there was a note on my desk: “Could you please sit in on the teleconference for X? I know you’ve been out but we have almost nothing to do with this morning’s topics, so you won’t have to present anything– just listen in for us. I […]

      A couple's house reflects their relationship.

      That is what a friend told me today. I had been describing a housewarming I went to over the weekend, as well as the house. I was saying stuff like, “The flow of the house is very odd” and “There is no comfortable room in the entire house” and “The finishes are very high-end, […]

        Helping or hindering?

        So. I had 5 projects that I wanted to complete around the house this summer. Somehow, my husband got wind of this and my projects are slowly growing, feeding off his ambitions and his accidents. Argh. Here’s the current breakdown and status of the projects:

        Original Five: 1. Paint the basement stairs (status: done!) […]

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