I woke up the J this morning for swimming lessons. She rolled over, yawned and stretched, opened her eyes and saw me. “Oh, good morning, Mommy! I’m happy to see you!” she said, and held out her arms for a hug.


    Nature is taking its course.

    True-to-life depiction.

    Guinness, after his triumphant and rather traumatizing capture of a baby rabbit in our yard last week, has had another win in his incessant guarding of our yard against all tiny animals evil invaders. Behold the text conversation I had with Gabby last night:



    JULIE: See you in a few […]

      Summer Tuesday Bullet Blog

      First of all, if you get bored reading this, you can head over to Goop, where my favorite dried cornstalk Gwyneth Paltrow is teaching us all the proper way to yawn. I love her so so much. We threw a surprise retirement party for my mom on Sunday. It was so gratifying to see […]

        Worst. Sound. Ever.

        I have heard that rabbits can scream. It is, excruciatingly, true.

        In other, possibly related news: Guinness can run much faster than I have ever anticipated.

        (Happy ending: Cammy and I did save the rabbit, although it wasn’t uninjured…..)

          We found this in our yard.

          To quote Gabby, who is the one who actually found this thing: “MOM!!!!! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!”

            A Gabbyism, and Happy Fourth!

            As you know, confidence has never been an issue with Gabby. As you also know, although she’s a beautiful girl, she doesn’t really care. As long as she’s clean, she’s just not terribly invested in any concept of herself as a pretty girl. Case in point: yesterday Gabby asked me, “Are my eyes hazel or green?” […]

              Dave the Ginger

              Gabby’s ginger daddy.

              Gabby has begun referring to Dave as “Dad, my little ginger.”

              I find this much more hilarious than it probably is.

                This was intended to be a shopping story. It turned into a story about my own impotent fury.

                The kids and I don’t spend a lot of time at shopping malls. It’s just not our jam… however we met a friend of mine at a Panera this morning near a lovely outdoor promenade, so we did some shopping. I bet that–

                Story interrupted to tell you that, just as I typed that […]

                  Tuesday Bullets

                  Attorney General Paxton, this is for you.

                  This morning I was sort of (and sort of not) amazed to read that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has decided that, since he doesn’t like the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality, he can tell people they don’t have to abide by it. I’m […]

                    Throwback Thursday: Cam’s Photo Record Card

                    Because we were out of town and also I can’t be trusted to remember anything, I didn’t pick up Cam’s eighth grade diploma (I know, I know. Anyway we’ve got it now, so stop with your face). The district mailed it to me along with his report card, a FERPA notification, and something which […]

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