I guess it was bound to happen.

CAM: Mom, two things. One urgent, and one not-so-urgent.

JULIE: Okay….

CAM: Well, the not-so-urgent thing is that Zulu* needs crickets.

JULIE: Okay….

CAM: And the slightly more urgent thing is that Zulu is not in his tank.


CAM: Like, he seems to have escaped.


CAM: And I don’t know when that […]

    I’m wondering…

    I just want to know if anyone else thinks it’s really weird that Tom Brady apparently tools around with his Super Bowl rings all the time. Really? He takes his most prized and valuable professional trophies to four-day Vegas trips? I want to know the logistics of this. First of all, physically where is […]

      Confidence is in the work.

      I’ve been reading a lot about Mindy Kaling’s new book and what she has to say about hard work and confidence. Please note that I love her, so I’m obviously biased in favor of whatever she has to say already. But in particular I like this passage:

      People talk about confidence without ever bringing […]

        Happy birthday, Janey!!!!

        She even has great taste in clothes. Look at this cherry-print dress.

        I realized a long time ago that, in order to make myself a better person, I should surround myself with those who ARE better people. Who, in turn, inspire me to be better. (PSA: take a look around. If you are surrounded […]

          Lishie turns twelve.

          “Mom, use this picture. People respect people who win trophies.” -Gabby’s life philosophy

          Twelve years ago today, I was pregnant with my second child, gender unknown. All I knew about this child was that it was very active, and could not stand for me to eat anything except fresh produce and smoothies. And then, in the eighth […]

            That one jerk.

            Okay, there are spiders in our tomato plants. Which is largely beneficial– except that I should say it like this: there are too many spiders in our tomato plants. And I don’t want to hear your, “I thought you weren’t afraid of spiders,” because I’m not. At the same time, I am a human […]

              August kinda blows.

              What I love about the summertime is the general feeling that everyone is, at least partially, on vacation. It’s the season of drinks on the patio on a Tuesday night, and of never ever having to pack lunches, and most of the things on the schedule being fun and not obligatory. Now that we’re in […]


                Gabby and I have been keeping a tally of what our garden has produced this summer. So far, among the herbs (tons) and peppers (fair) and cucumbers (so many fewer cukes this year, what’s up with that?) and the tomatoes which have just begun to present themselves– although two of the plants are currently […]

                  I’m fighting with my right leg.

                  Yesterday during my run, I did something to my right hamstring. Fortunately my friend Michelle drove by while I was doing the Walk of Workout Shame, and she gave me a ride home. (Thanks, Michelle!!!!!!) Then I proceeded to let the screen door close on my right heel, taking out a good-sized chunk. I […]

                    Amazing Weekend.

                    This weekend, the gentlemen in our house drove 6 hours in one direction while the ladies drove 4 hours in the opposite direction. We had lacrosse and dance. It turned out to be the most incredible, winningest weekend ever: Cam’s team went undefeated and won their tournament, while Gabby was on top of her game […]

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