Amusement Park Craziness

We took the kids to an amusement park yesterday. I looked at the weather and said, “Slight chance of scattered rain, no big.” Then we spent about thirty minutes chilling under a canopy, while a furious thunderstorm swept through:

Don’t be fooled by these smiles. There was actual hail coming down fifteen feet […]

    Gabby is “bossome.”

    Gabby and I had such fun at a rainy Color Run this morning. At her request, we tricked ourselves out with tutus and socks and tattoos this year; the rain that hit us midrun actually made her day rather than ruining it. She jumped in puddles, slapped five with everyone she passed, and generally […]

      Gabby and the Awards

      Gabby received the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence (or words to that effect) today. I’m really, really proud of her for her accomplishments- evidently, later today she’ll be winning some kind of Elite Award for P.E. as well (I’m less versed on that one) and she’s expecting to have won one of their class […]

        Awesome Parents, Scrunchies, and a Tesla

        This evening, I was putting up Gabby’s hair for her (in a scrunchie, which she and I both wear to bed because they are so freaking comfortable. My college students started wearing scrunchies this past year, and assure me that scrunchies are back. I’m afraid to believe that this is true, but I want […]

          The Graduate

          So proud of you, bud.


            Graduation Day

            Somehow, this infant:

            I mean, just look at the hair. Also the “So far, I am not impressed” expression.



            Became this little boy:

            This was his Halloween costume. How irresistible is this kid?

            And then this big kid:

            At Uncle Sam’s wedding. I have cropped out Sam’s friend, a […]

              Wednesday Bullet Blog

              Over the past six days, we have:

              attended a cookout hosted a cookout had lacrosse and dance practice gone to a carnival attended Gabby’s performance AND her competition bought and planted a million more things in the yard visited my dad had kind of a big interview (that one is me) put carpet in […]

                My first teacher

                My siblings and I grew up with the great good fortune of having an awesome preschool teacher as a mother. Aside from the fact that Mom knows lots of fun, silly little songs and games– she possesses a genuine affection for small children, which is not always true of every person (or even every […]

                  Hero’s Journey

                  When did THIS happen?

                  One of Cam’s final projects as an eighth grader is called Hero’s Journey. He was required to write about his life, his goals, include photos and items that represent important moments, and also get a letter from his parents. I wrote mine a couple of weeks ago; here’s an […]

                    Cam Found Me.

                    Last night, Cam was on his laptop and he said, “Hey Mom! You write a LOT!”

                    There it was: my blog. On my kid’s screen. While I haven’t kept the blog a secret from the kids– in fact, I intend it mainly for them, so that they know how much they have always been […]

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