And Completing the Week of Gabbyisms:

…So then, everyone was all, ‘A dog team is not the best way to deliver the serum to Nome, Alaska!’ –And I was all, ‘I don’t know how you think goods were transported in those days, but a team of huskies was the most dependable method.’ And they were all, ‘Impossible,‘ so then I […]

    Gabby’s Review of Search for the Shadowman

    [Gabby brought home this book report today. For the record, she received a perfect score for her scathing review. Dave and I have been reading parts of it out loud and laughing our asses off all night, and Dave said, “You have to type that up and put it on your blog. Then […]

      Guardian Angels

      A few years ago, my brother Mikey somehow talked a smart and gorgeous blonde into marrying him. Now he’s won the lottery a second time, because their beautiful daughter was born yesterday. She came on her own time and on her own terms. She has long fingers and chubby cheeks. Most amazingly, she has […]

        Regular Tuesday.

        You DON’T have handmade toy medicine for your imaginary cat army in your refrigerator?

        DAVE: What the hell is this?

        JULIE: What?

        DAVE [removes cup made of toilet paper roll and masking tape from refrigerator]: This. What– is there something actually IN this?

        ADDIE: That’s our medicine, Dad.

        GABBY: For the Cat Game*.


          Monday Bullet Blog

          Here we are on our run, along beautiful rolling (ROLLING OH MY GOD) hills and pushing Jill’s daughter in the stroller. She and I also had this short conversation, while I struggled up one hill or another:Lolo: Juju, am I light to push?JULIE: No.

          Okay, so I returned from visiting my sister […]

            Programming Note:

            I’m out of town, getting some work done and visiting my sister, for the next couple of days. I’ll try to get back here in the next day or so. In the meantime: did you know that Starbucks will give you a tall cup to empty a child’s vanilla milk into, so that […]


              This, evidently, is how Gabby sees herself.

              I just discovered that, if I want Gabby to administer her daily dose of Flonase without our typical 5-minute argument, I simply have to refer to it as her “kennel cough medicine” and she will take it without protest.

              These children are complex creatures.



                You Probably Don’t Want to See This Chart.

                With the exception of the year when we were living in the city and I accidentally dumped Cameron’s entire trick-or-treat haul into the wet gutter, we wind up with ridiculous amounts of Halloween candy each year. And then my willpower ebbs slowly away as I face legions of Snickers and Kit Kats in […]

                  This is How We Spend Our Mornings.

                  DAVE: Hey, bud.

                  JULIE: Hey, buddy. What’s going on?

                  DAVE: I’m off to the store to pick up lawn bag stickers.

                  JULIE: Nothing but nonstop glamour and excitement, huh?

                  DAVE: You know it.


                    Playing the Game

                    JULIE: Addie J, please hurry up and get dressed. You only have twenty minutes.

                    ADDIE J: Okay, Mom.

                    JULIE: I made your lunch for you this morning. You’re lucky- you wouldn’t have had time to make it and finish getting ready.

                    ADDIE J: Thank you, Mom!

                    JULIE: You’re welcome.

                    ADDIE J: I bet another […]

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