The Reincarnation of Guido Continues…..

Dad on the left at age 12, Cam on the right at age thirteen.

    Gabby Came Home From School With a Rabbit’s Foot.

    That’s right: she brought home a rabbit’s foot. Isn’t that nice?

    …Except that, in this case, we aren’t talking about the fake-fur, purple-dyed keychain from a tourist shop. Gabby literally found the decaying leg of a rabbit, complete with bits of fur as well as exposed bone, at the playground. Somehow she contrived to […]

      Wednesday’s Weird Non Sequitur

      [It’s important to know, for the purposes of this post, that we have a sharp little silver hatchet– which we use to trim the trunks of our Christmas trees, so that they fit into the stand. We do not use it at any other time. Because I think it’s cute and I like its […]

        Confidential to Whoever Keeps Leaving Smudged Fingerprints on the Refrigerator:

        I’m certain you live here, therefore you are fully aware that I cannot stand smudgy surfaces. You are also aware that, when we bought our fridge last year, I rejected the first two refrigerators that were delivered– because I wasn’t satisfied with the finish. Let me repeat: I refused delivery of TWO refrigerators. That […]

          Christmas Lists (Already???)

          My mother-in-law, Kathy, requested Christmas lists from the kids over the weekend. I was working last night, so the kids made their lists on their own. This morning I sent all of the info to Kathy, almost without explanation because 1. She already knows which items are fine and which are ridic; and 2. […]

            Oh No.

            Um… I am sitting at my computer at home, and I just discovered that someone here searched “can dogs have apple juice.”

            If you need me, I have to go walk the dog for about three hours.


              I just wanted to tell you that the girls slept downstairs last night. And at about 3am, I heard a noise like a crash. I’m usually at least fifteen seconds behind Dave in the middle of the night, so when I looked at his side of the bed and it was empty, I figured […]

                Thursday Trivia

                Did you know that my mom turned 68 yesterday? We had intended to have cake with her- instead she came over and helped me rub the back of my little sick daughter, while we made plans to celebrate over the weekend. My mom is pretty great, as you know– and my kids agree: last […]

                  Anniversary Dave Trivia

                  This is how Dave looked, picking me up from the airport last month. Look how happy he is. I love him.

                  Our wedding anniversary is this week. It’s not really a milestone, unless you like the number 16 because it has a nice even square root (I’m looking at you, Maia). In the […]

                    Speaking of Outfits….

                    Everyone at my house is extra-excited for this weekend, since we have very special visitors coming in a few hours. Addie J– who normally needs to be awakened at 8:30 each morning– started coming downstairs before 7am, shouting excitedly, “MOM IF THEY’RE HERE BEFORE I GET HOME FROM SCHOOL CAN THEY COME AND PICK […]

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