Oh No.

Um… I am sitting at my computer at home, and I just discovered that someone here searched “can dogs have apple juice.”

If you need me, I have to go walk the dog for about three hours.


    I just wanted to tell you that the girls slept downstairs last night. And at about 3am, I heard a noise like a crash. I’m usually at least fifteen seconds behind Dave in the middle of the night, so when I looked at his side of the bed and it was empty, I figured […]

      Thursday Trivia

      Did you know that my mom turned 68 yesterday? We had intended to have cake with her- instead she came over and helped me rub the back of my little sick daughter, while we made plans to celebrate over the weekend. My mom is pretty great, as you know– and my kids agree: last […]

        Anniversary Dave Trivia

        This is how Dave looked, picking me up from the airport last month. Look how happy he is. I love him.

        Our wedding anniversary is this week. It’s not really a milestone, unless you like the number 16 because it has a nice even square root (I’m looking at you, Maia). In the […]

          Speaking of Outfits….

          Everyone at my house is extra-excited for this weekend, since we have very special visitors coming in a few hours. Addie J– who normally needs to be awakened at 8:30 each morning– started coming downstairs before 7am, shouting excitedly, “MOM IF THEY’RE HERE BEFORE I GET HOME FROM SCHOOL CAN THEY COME AND PICK […]

            School Picture Day

            I would like to take this opportunity to admit that I suck at Picture Day. Here’s why:

            I don’t really care what they wear. You know those parents who go out and buy adorable new outfits for each child, color-coordinated so that they look good together on the wall? –I am not those parents. […]

              Dad Would be so Proud.

              My Saab enjoys having sudden, random, small issues from time to time. These issues usually disappear without explanation almost immediately thereafter- for example, the display might suddenly inform me that the car alarm is going off, when it’s definitely not, and then it’ll be like, “Oh, never mind.” And then be fine forever. But […]

                The Best Boy

                Yesterday was Parent Appreciation Night for Cam’s volleyball team. Since so many of our activities happen at exactly the same time, it was not surprising that I discovered I’d need to be there at around the same time that Gabby had to be at dance. I emailed Cam’s coach, checking what time I should […]

                  Thursday Random Fact and Halloween Costumes

                  Not surprising: there are no photos of buttered chili to be found on The Interwebs. Moderately surprising: this gross food product IS available in some regions.

                  I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this, but: according to  my husband, it is common to put butter into your chili in the region where […]

                    Music and Lyrics By Gabby and Addie J

                    The girls are singing a song right now. I’ll try to transcribe it as they sing:

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