Sometimes, I’ll be like, “Hmmm.. do I really need those new running shoes?” or, “Just because they opened a new Starbucks about 3 miles from my house, is no excuse for spending $20 on a round of lattes,” or even- “Oh my gosh, Julie: you have enough pens and Post-Its and assorted office supplies […]


    I said to Dave yesterday, while cleaning the kids’ bathroom, “Remember those days when the kids were basically babies, and their bathroom stayed clean at all times?” I had no idea, when they were young, what was going to happen in their bathroom as they got older. Sometimes it’s a straight-up biohazard in there, […]

      Kids’ Room Carnival

      Dave has been working hard on the kids’ bedrooms. It’s been probably 5-6 years since we did anything in their rooms, besides repaint and throw new comforters on the beds. (Side note: I let the girls choose their own wall colors last time. Gabby chose two shades of “I Have a Bad Cold” green, and […]

        Dave saved me from a bag of pistachios.

        Until very recently, I had a five-year-old bag of pistachios in my cabinet.

        I know, that’s weird.

        Five years ago, on a Friday morning, I was on the phone with my mom and I could hear Dad in the background. “Is that Julie? Tell her to get me some pistachios,” he was saying. Mom […]

          Still here

          Five years ago today, I knew that Dad was very ill but I didn’t know that we were going to lose him in less than a week. I would go back and tell that version of me, who is very different from today’s version, “It will be awful. But you will get through. And you’ll […]

            Looking at Dad

            The kids are all getting their bedrooms redone for Christmas, so we started the process by having them clean out their closets and dressers. This is a horrifying ordeal and, if I had to choose between this and our drive home with Dave needing to vomit every 50 miles… well, I’d really have to […]

              Happy New Year! Here’s an Epically Terrible Road Trip!

              I am writing this post from my kitchen table, after a great holiday with family and then a beautiful week spent at my sister’s house. Everything went pretty much according to plan: the kids liked everything they got (Cam found me at the end of the day on Christmas, hugged me, and said, “Everything is perfect. Thank […]

                The Impossibility of Gifts for Dave

                When I was a kid and we asked Dad what he wanted for Christmas, he always told us to buy him razor blades and shaving cream. We always thought that was bullshit. “But I don’t want anything else,” he used to protest. “If I want something, I get it.” It was always frustrating to […]

                  Morning Conversations

                  [It is 6:23am.]

                  JULIE: I think we should get shoes for the dog.

                  DAVE: Okay.



                  JULIE: ….Is that the first thing I’ve said to you so far today?

                  DAVE: Yep.


                    Random Sunday Interaction

                    JULIE: I have a burning hatred for autoplay.

                    GABBY [walks up behind Julie, starts crunching ice in her ear]: You should come up with a better word than “burning.” You need to improve your vocabulary, Mom.

                    JULIE: ….I need to improve my vocabulary??

                    GABBY: Yeah, you do.

                    JULIE: [knocks Gabby’s cup of ice out […]

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