My intention, on August 8, 2003, had been to pass my weekly NST and go back to the office. Instead, after thirty minutes or so, the resident came into the room and said, “You have a beautiful contraction pattern. We’ve called for a wheelchair to take you to Labor and Delivery.” After twelve hours of […]

    Gabby the Style Consultant

    Dave was showing the girls a bunch of photos from my childhood, from my early twenties, etc. Here are some assorted comments made by Gabby: “Ohhhhh, Mom, now THAT’S a style!” “Is- is that whole thing one person’s hair?” “You really had a lot of turtlenecks back in the day.” “What did people […]

      Parse this:

      Over the weekend, Gabby scored a huge milestone in dance– finally breaking past her plateau of an entire season and qualifying for Oireachtas this fall. At the next day’s competition, she earned third place in her set dance, which was awesome (and a sign that we should just skip the very last, for-fun-only competition […]

        The Plagiarism Question

        “93% of the speech is completely different than Michelle Obama’s speech.” -Chris Christie, discussing Melania Trump’s speech to the RNC last night

        It’s details like this which really make my brain bleed. Donald Trump is popular with many people, despite his lack of thoughtful details: he makes sweeping predictions about what his administration will […]

          Summer Projects: Kid Edition

          Perhaps modeling themselves after their parents– who try to take on at least one major home renovation each summer (this summer was about the dining room and office)– the kids like to use their summer for projects too. This is fine and more than fine: I enjoy their creativity and I encourage all their […]

            Gabbyism of the Day

            Gabby, walking up to me at the library with two very different books in her hand: “Look Mom– my two favorite things: alternative medicine and ghost hunting.”

            There is no emoji to properly express my […]

              How Lacrosse Turned Me Into a Willing Spectator

              We spent last weekend out of town at a lacrosse tournament. Our team won their bracket, and it was amazing– I have come to believe that lacrosse is one of the most exciting sports I have ever watched. Maybe because the game moves so fast, and is big enough to cover the entire field, and […]

                Distance Sucks.

                We said goodbye to my sister’s family last night. We had spent a week at their house, and then Gabby stayed with them for a week before they came here to spend a week. It’s been a great month of extra time with family.

                We said goodbye at my mom’s house. I took this photo […]

                  Missing Gabbilicious

                  Gabby’s approach to life

                  Cam brought his friend on our recent trip to see my sister. When we came back, we stood in our driveway while Hunter told his dad that he had been invited back next summer. “We’ll see, buddy,” said his dad. “This week without you was tough.” I thought, oh, […]

                    Addie J

                    The J is quite literal. If you say, for example, “That’s as clean as a whistle,” she’ll reply, “Whistles aren’t clean. They have spit on them.” If Dave is around, he usually replies with this:

                    This morning, “America’s Sweetheart” was playing and Addie put down her real spoon. “Mom, I’ve put a […]

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