Et tu, Guinness?

They’re probably all about to start sneezing.

Okay, when I was a kid I did not have allergies, except to cats. As an adult I do not have allergies, except to cats. Then I married Dave, who- for all his physical strength and toughness- is a total Milhouse in terms of seasonal allergies. Which […]

    Kids’ Room Carnival

    Dave has been working hard on the kids’ bedrooms. It’s been probably 5-6 years since we did anything in their rooms, besides repaint and throw new comforters on the beds. (Side note: I let the girls choose their own wall colors last time. Gabby chose two shades of “I Have a Bad Cold” green, and […]

      Halloween Crafting Redux

      I knew you would want to see how the girls’ costumes turned out:

      Addie J, the jellyfish.

      Lishie in her Day of the Dead costume.


      I TOTALLY thought these two costumes were going to end up as the, “Nailed it!!” side of a Pinterest Fails meme. I feel like I got […]

        Happy birthday, Gravy!

        Dave had to leave the house at 4:30 this morning to be at a job site. It’s his birthday today, so that triple-sucks. My girls had this covered, though. Look:


        Those are a series of birthday notes (where’s Cam, you’re wondering. Well, last night was his lacrosse team banquet, at which he […]

          A Random Thought…..

          Why is it that, at Addie J’s tae kwon do sparring classes, I feel like I’m the only parent who is just watching lightheartedly, without being invested in the outcome?

          This is what I thought it would be:


          This, however, is how it is:


            Addie J cracks me up.

            Cam had a lacrosse tournament yesterday, and we decided at the last minute to bring the girls, too. It turned out to be a good decision, because another family brought their girls, and all the kids were able to spend the day together and it was a lot of fun. But I’m telling you about […]

              Addie J, the Sociologist

              ADDIE J: Mom, who’s your favorite kid?

              JULIE: I don’t have a favorite.

              ADDIE J: No, come on. Who is it?

              JULIE: When each one of you was born, a whole universe of love opened up in my heart that belonged only to you. So Cam has his own universe of love, and Gabby […]

                Well, this is new.

                It’s actually even cuter than this.

                Addie J started tae kwon do about a month ago. Not because she was particularly interested in doing anything except watching Youtube videos about Minecraft, but mainly because we continue to insist that she participate in some kind of physical activity. This has resulted in many different […]

                  Every morning…

                  Our ladder seat, in heavy rotation last year.

                  The following things happen without fail each school morning. It’s like Groundhog Day over here:

                  Cam showers and then gets back in bed. I then have to wake him up, about five minutes before his bus arrives. Every morning. (I also say, “Cam, why do […]

                    Us Versus Super Bowl Snacks: an Unprecedented Win

                    This year, we watched the Super Bowl with friends who had an absolutely massive spread. Sliders. Sloppy joes. Chicken pot pie. Brownies. Just unbelievable amounts of food; so, quite naturally, we all ate unbelievable amounts of food.

                    You know how I live in a house full of easy pukers? With the exception of Dave, […]

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