Wednesday Morning Dance Party

[Cam’s car needs some attention, so Julie is driving Cam and Gabby to school. Julie turns on the 90s JAMS channel.]

JULIE: Yeah!!!!!! Wednesday morning dance party!!!!



CAM: I don’t even listen to the radio. I only listen to Spotify, Mom…. Mom?

GABBY: …Mom, this is too loud.

JULIE: Nineties jams!!!!!!!

GABBY: […]

    The Egg-celerator

    Once upon a time I thought that my days of making crazy crap for the kids’ school projects were coming to a close, hahahahahahaha. Cam came home this week, needing to create a device that could safely hold a raw egg when dropped from a distance of 15 feet. After lots of wild ideas including […]

      Gabby, our Happy Tornado, graduated from 8th grade this week (so she gets one more entry dedicated to her. Then I’ll probably move on to other big news I’ve been holding back for about a month now. Stay tuned). I could tell you about her two years of straights As in her accelerated classes, or that she […]

        Gabby is graduating eighth grade.

        This is from Gabby’s preschool graduation. She still makes that exact face when she’s plotting something.

        Gabby saw that photo while I was typing. About ten minutes later, she texted me this.













        Next week, Gabby will graduate and move up to […]

          Lunchtime jokes. Help!

          Cammy gets lunch at school these days (note: it’s super convenient to be able to log on to his account, check his lunch activity, and say, “Dude. You cannot survive on french fries and Uncrustables”). The girls, however, still pack lunches. And by that I mean that I pack their lunches. Yes, they absolutely […]

            Picture Day…

            As you know, I have always allowed the kids to wear whatever they wanted, as long as it covered them appropriately. And so Addie J has pictures today. She originally wanted to wear “a business suit,” however she encountered challenges in that A. she does not own a business suit, and B. she does not […]

              Gabby and the Awards

              Gabby received the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence (or words to that effect) today. I’m really, really proud of her for her accomplishments- evidently, later today she’ll be winning some kind of Elite Award for P.E. as well (I’m less versed on that one) and she’s expecting to have won one of their class […]

                Conversations With Gabby

                GABBY: Oh, hey Mom:

                JULIE: Oh, hey what?

                GABBY: Did you see this? [leads me to her bulletin board, where some greenish-brown shard, encased in tape, is pinned to the corner.] This is my frog toe.

                JULIE: Wait… what?

                GABBY: So remember when we dissected frogs? And it was awesome and so interesting? -And […]

                  Helen Keller, JJ Style

                  Addie J’s performance as Helen Keller in her classroom’s Wax Museum took place this morning. It was completely fabulous. Each child wore a big “Push to Start” button, and when it was pushed, the child recited his or her speech in first person: “Hello. My name is Helen Keller. I was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama…” Their various costumes ranged from an incredible Pocahontas, complete […]

                    Being Adorable Goes a Long Way.

                    Addie J’s class is putting together the most adorable project: they were each assigned a historical figure to research. They each wrote a speech in the first person, put together costumes and props, and will be creating a “museum” of historical figures for the parents to come and see. Addie J was assigned to research […]

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