Parenting Win!!


As I type this, all three kids are working on homework together. Gabby is helping Cam study vocab words, they’re both explaining Addie’s math homework to Addie J, etc. Before they began their homework, they took the dog for a walk. When they’re all finished, they plan to put on […]

    Know What I’m Drowning In?


    Every day, the kids bring home more papers, assignments, notes home. I’m writing this from my desk which desperately needs an Inbox and file system- because right now that system consists of a rapidly-growing stack of papers which need my attention. Irish Dance recital paperwork? Yes. Yearbook order forms? Check. A rubric from a […]

      A Bunch of You Are Going To Love This.

      I am loving reading about your favorite topics for the Smile Brilliant giveaway. Thanks for participating and remember- you have until Friday to enter!

      You all know by now how I feel about the school dropoff line. In fact, many of you feel the same way about your own. And as you know, any […]

        Mystery Reader Happiness

        This photo was taken at about 5:30 on a Saturday morning, so, you know: bedhead.

        I was the Mystery Reader in Addie J’s classroom on Friday. Each day, her teacher gives the children a clue, and they try to guess who might be coming. On the last day, while the Mystery Reader waits outside […]

          In Which I Complain About Various School-Year Expenditures

          True story.

          The advent of the school year always comes with a flurry of additional expenditures, and this we all know. Yet somehow, there comes a point in the relentless onslaught of school milk accounts and sports physical copays and extracurricular activity fees, where I simply reach saturation point. If someone just handed me a bill in […]

            Notable Moments From the First Day of School:

            1. First of all, I would like to state for the record that yesterday’s Last Day of Summer schedule of trail walks, Jimmy John’s, swimming, waffle cones, and a new movie were judged “Different from our list, but just as fun” by the Gabster. Just saying.

            2. …But that insane child of mine left […]

              So, I Can’t Even Pick Out Pencils.

              A couple of things: 1. People really take the time to set up all the school supplies they bought, and then post the photos on Facebook– like it’s a really big fish they caught? And 2. Even these people know to buy the yellow pencils, so they’re still better at this than I.


                I’m Done.

                ADDIE: Mom, can I wear this tank top?

                [Every day for the past 7 weeks, the J has asked to wear a series of inappropriate outfits that break either the school dress code or the laws of society as a whole. The sticking point in the school dress code, of late, has been that all straps […]

                  Irony, By Cameron

                  CAMERON: Mom, what’s “phone-icks?”

                  JULIE: Um: it’s “phonics.” And it teaches you how to pronounce things, Cameron.


                  JULIE: See what I’m getting at over here, dude?

                  CAMERON: Point taken, Mom.


                    Addie J, the Hot Mess

                    This actually has very little to do with the J; however, our fabulous sitter Christine gave me a wax mustache wrapped in this paper yesterday, so Addie and I chose mustaches for ourselves. I went with “The Texan” and eyebrows made of “The Magnum,” and she went with “The Gambler.”

                    So, on the […]

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