Back-to-School Bullet Blog

Sob story: all my friends went on a fun spring break trip together, and because I have a show opening next week, I had to stay home and work. All the photos on Facebook nearly killed me with jealousy. Especially since, while all my college friends (INCLUDING TODD!!!) were hanging around in college bars […]

    Afternoon Conversation

    DAVE: What are you guys doing? GABBY: We’re finishing my presentation on Jean Butler. Look, here’s the poster we’re making. JULIE [coming back into the room]: Okay, Gabs– here’s the latest printout of your main photo. Are you all finished placing all your other images? GABBY: Almost. Then, Dad, we have to decorate the […]

      Fun With Homework.

      This is a pretty good job, no?

      ADDIE J: Mom, I can’t figure out this answer.

      JULIE: What  have you got?

      ADDIE J: It says ‘Mom was BLANK baking a cake.’ Fill in the missing word. There’s ‘become’…. there’s ‘celebrate’….

      JULIE: Try all the words in the sentence until you find the one that […]

        Is There Some Sort of Disease….

        ……Where a person wakes up each morning and cannot recall anything about the house they live in or how to manage their belongings within it? Where, every morning, someone needs to teach that person things like:

        *Where to find their toothbrush, and what to do with it once found

        *How much change is required to buy milk at […]

          Fun With Math

          Ideally I will never see this on one of my own children.

          GABBY: Mom, why isn’t this working?

          JULIE: …Well, for starters: 14 times 6 does not equal 102.

          GABBY: Mom! Yes, it does!

          JULIE: No, it really doesn’t. Watch: [multiplies] See? 84.

          GABBY: Well, but I don’t know how to multiply like […]

            The Power of the Gabster

            Please let this have been the scene at the other end of the phone. If this is what was going on, then we all win.

            I got home from class today and Gabby waylaid me at the door. “Mom!!” she said. “I have a story to tell you! But I don’t know if […]

              Thoughts For a Thursday Morning:


              If you look closely, you'll notice they came running to greet me– fake nerd glasses and all– before I even got out of the car. If they ever stop doing that, I'll be inconsolable.

              I really think that the world would be a better place, if everyone got to watch Addie J throwing […]

                The Great Shushing of My Generation; Or, I Got Shushed at This Event Last Night.

                "Get off my lawn!!"

                Last night, an important event for my alma mater was held at a fancy place downtown. At the 11th hour my schedule cleared so that I could join my beloved college girlfriends and meet up with others. I gleefully texted my friends: “OMG I’M COMING TONIGHT I’M SO EXCITED […]

                  Things That Are Difficult for Some Reason: School Dropoff (Yes, Still.)

                  This morning I joined the line at the school as usual. As I was pulling up to the line of cars along the sidewalk, a car suddenly veered over from the opposite direction and pulled over in front of me. Now our cars were nose-to-nose, with this woman’s car facing the wrong direction. She […]

                    Project Runway

                    Yeah, she's holding a tortilla. I don't really want to talk about it.

                    Because Addie is notorious for wanting to wear inappropriate outfits– e.g. her size 3T blue skirt which juuuuust covers her butt; or the enormous, tulle-skirted flower girl dress from my brother’s wedding 2.5 years ago, which “doesn’t feel choke-ish” according to the J– I will […]

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