Go Away, Isaac.

My friends Marty and Renee live in Nola and texted me this yesterday afternoon:

No power. No Internet. Having a hard time finding out what the storm is doing. Still windy and raining. Probably be without power for many, many days. Going stir crazy already. Other than that, we are fine and trying to […]

    Turtle Herding

    Have you come across the term before? Here is an explanation (disclaimer: the term really applies only to the girls, as Cameron is awesome about getting ready in the mornings):

    60 minutes to school: Gabby is up, in my bathroom slamming doors and whisper-yelling “Sorry Mom!!”

    55 minutes: Gabby comes out of bathroom to […]

      First Week Follies

      -It only took me three days to forget to pin Addie J’s name tag on her.

      -It only took Dave and me ONE day to forget to make after-school arrangements for Cam and Gabs, when we both unexpectedly had to work. And we did not realize it until after they had already headed off to […]

        Guardian Angels and College Freshmen

        Love doesn’t die.

        My dad has been a guardian angel for seven months now. I love and miss him so much; I realize it’s a constant refrain from me but if you can imagine: I say that I miss him maybe once, for every hundred or so times that I thinkit. Amazing author […]

          School Supplies. Or Actually: Doom.

          Dave brought home copies of the school supply lists, and once again I am thanking my lucky stars that my mother-in-law likes to get supplies for the kids. I am simply not up to the task of finding exactly the right calculator (T130X IIS, if you’re wondering), or the slightly-different-from-standard-size Post-It notes, and for […]

            Wisdom from Gabby

            Gabby is attending volleyball camp (courtesy of my awesome sister Betsy) this week. I have walked in with her several times, and each time she rolls her eyes and says, “Mom, the gym is RIGHT HERE. You can SEE ME walk in from the door. Why aren’t you just letting me go in on […]

              Don Peake

              The very first professor I met in college was Dr. Donald J. Peake. I had been assigned to get my workstudy from him; when I finally tracked down his office, I walked into a shambles of books, set models, papers. An easel was set up and a decidedly Irish man in his fifties stood there, a […]

                Don’t You Hate it When People Tell You They’re So Busy?

                Seriously, let’s all just look around and agree: everyone is very busy. It’s true: we are all running busily around and no one gets to spend every night, chilling in the living room, watching movies on Spike and eating cereal. (Clearly, this is my dream evening.) So when I tell you that I haven’t updated […]

                  The School Dropoff

                  We live close to the kids’ school, which I like very much. In fact, we live too close for the kids to ride the bus, meaning that we drive them to school 90% of the time. Actually I like this very much too, for the most part.


                  Over the past 5 years of […]

                    Living With Gabby is Like This, a Lot of the Time.

                    JULIE: So, what are you doing at school today, Lishie?

                    GABBY: Well, my top priority is hanging out with my friends.

                    JULIE: Right. But what about in school? What’s your teacher planning for the day?

                    GABBY [sigh]: Well, you know how you always tell me that I can’t control other people, I can only […]

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