Halloween Crafting Redux

I knew you would want to see how the girls’ costumes turned out:

Addie J, the jellyfish.

Lishie in her Day of the Dead costume.


I TOTALLY thought these two costumes were going to end up as the, “Nailed it!!” side of a Pinterest Fails meme. I feel like I got […]

    This is going to work out, no problem.


    Addie J told me this morning that, for Halloween this year, she’d like to be an ostrich. (Last year she brought up the ostrich, and when I encouraged her to think of something else, she said maybe a ferret. This is what I’m dealing with here.) “The ostrich is my spirit animal,” […]

      Monday Bullet Blog

      The kids had a great Halloween– lots and lots of candy in my house today, my goodness. I’ve got to offload this to my students or my butt will reach Kardashian status. Gabby competed twice this weekend, her second and third time at Preliminary Champion level. We had reminded her that this is […]

        You Probably Don’t Want to See This Chart.

        With the exception of the year when we were living in the city and I accidentally dumped Cameron’s entire trick-or-treat haul into the wet gutter, we wind up with ridiculous amounts of Halloween candy each year. And then my willpower ebbs slowly away as I face legions of Snickers and Kit Kats in […]

          Happy Halloween!

          I’ve got Jake Blues in my house today.

          I’ve got a goldfinch (for school) and an unzipped-face zombie (for trick-or-treating).

          I’ve got Merida, currently eating a bowl of oatmeal at my kitchen table.

          And if you want a FREAKY AS HELL way to start off your Halloween, I give you this short film which, […]

            DIY Halloween; or Obscure Benefits of a Theatre Degree

            Long experience DIY-ing various costumes and crap for school has made both Dave and me into excellent DIY Halloweeners (is that a word? -Because it sounds dirty).┬áThis year the girls are doing an Irish Dance competition where the competitors wear Halloween costumes rather than solo dresses. Addie J is going to be a flamingo– […]

              Halloween Roundup


              All of our Halloween pics either clearly identify our house or have other people's kids in them. So here's a shot of my sister, Mom, and me, right after the kids hit up a house that usually has amazing treats– and this year had only suckers. As Jill put it: "Um, pull […]

                Halloween Highlights

                Some highlights from yesterday evening’s trick-or-treat fest:

                ~Addie J thought that each house was supposed to give out a sample of each type of candy in the bowl. She very politely said to several people, “Excuse me, but I didn’t get a try of everything.”

                ~Also, she waited until we were about a half-mile […]

                  Guest Post: Brought to You By My Friend Ann’s Son, Ian

                  Ian is a lively, strapping young 4-year-old boy whose main goal in life– which he takes very seriously– is keeping up with his big brother. He is also the child who, last year, got into my Advent calendar at our Christmas brunch. He was found lying on the floor in my dining room, nearly […]

                    I Have Nothing to Say for Myself.

                    This is the “pumpkin” I picked out from the pumpkin farm yesterday.

                    In my own defense: I originally just thought it was a cool shape.


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