Shopping with Gabby

Cammy has attended a couple of high school dances. It’s easy as pie: I take him shopping a week or so beforehand, he quickly finds pants (black) and a shirt (black) and a tie (color dependent on the date). Easy as can be. Not so with Gabby; this year she is actually going to […]

    Happy birthday Gabby!

    Fourteen years ago, Gabrielle Cait was born at almost 9pm. After dithering around all day, she suddenly decided to make her entrance- so quickly that my doctor (who had gone home for dinner) wasn’t even there for the delivery. Also I did not get my epidural and yes I am still salty about that. […]

      Gabby, our Happy Tornado, graduated from 8th grade this week (so she gets one more entry dedicated to her. Then I’ll probably move on to other big news I’ve been holding back for about a month now. Stay tuned). I could tell you about her two years of straights As in her accelerated classes, or that she […]

        Gabby is graduating eighth grade.

        This is from Gabby’s preschool graduation. She still makes that exact face when she’s plotting something.

        Gabby saw that photo while I was typing. About ten minutes later, she texted me this.













        Next week, Gabby will graduate and move up to […]

          Et tu, Guinness?

          They’re probably all about to start sneezing.

          Okay, when I was a kid I did not have allergies, except to cats. As an adult I do not have allergies, except to cats. Then I married Dave, who- for all his physical strength and toughness- is a total Milhouse in terms of seasonal allergies. Which […]

            Kids’ Room Carnival

            Dave has been working hard on the kids’ bedrooms. It’s been probably 5-6 years since we did anything in their rooms, besides repaint and throw new comforters on the beds. (Side note: I let the girls choose their own wall colors last time. Gabby chose two shades of “I Have a Bad Cold” green, and […]

              Gabby, the dancer

              Gabby’s big competition was yesterday. The one that takes the best 150 Irish dancers in 14 states (well, this year the number was around 150, if you take out the no-shows) and tries to find the best of the best. Every year, Gabby has worked hard and qualified to dance in this competition (through her performance at other […]


                GABBY: Hey Mom: do you ever run readiness drills in your classes?

                JULIE: What do you mean?

                GABBY: Well, I was thinking. Like our teachers ask us to think about what we would do in different situations.

                JULIE: Oh. Not really. Why?

                GABBY: Well, because like I was thinking, one of the things they […]

                  Halloween Crafting Redux

                  I knew you would want to see how the girls’ costumes turned out:

                  Addie J, the jellyfish.

                  Lishie in her Day of the Dead costume.


                  I TOTALLY thought these two costumes were going to end up as the, “Nailed it!!” side of a Pinterest Fails meme. I feel like I got […]

                    How Gabby handles Dave.

                    [Background info: earlier this week, Gabby left a Post-It note that she had an after-school activity and needed a pickup. Dave read her the riot act about not planning ahead. I wasn’t home to witness, but from what I heard later, it was apparently quite the riot.]

                    GABBY: Mom, when Dad gets off the phone, […]

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