Halloween Crafting Redux

I knew you would want to see how the girls’ costumes turned out:

Addie J, the jellyfish.

Lishie in her Day of the Dead costume.


I TOTALLY thought these two costumes were going to end up as the, “Nailed it!!” side of a Pinterest Fails meme. I feel like I got […]

    How Gabby handles Dave.

    [Background info: earlier this week, Gabby left a Post-It note that she had an after-school activity and needed a pickup. Dave read her the riot act about not planning ahead. I wasn’t home to witness, but from what I heard later, it was apparently quite the riot.]

    GABBY: Mom, when Dad gets off the phone, […]


      My intention, on August 8, 2003, had been to pass my weekly NST and go back to the office. Instead, after thirty minutes or so, the resident came into the room and said, “You have a beautiful contraction pattern. We’ve called for a wheelchair to take you to Labor and Delivery.” After twelve hours of […]

        Gabby the Style Consultant

        Dave was showing the girls a bunch of photos from my childhood, from my early twenties, etc. Here are some assorted comments made by Gabby: “Ohhhhh, Mom, now THAT’S a style!” “Is- is that whole thing one person’s hair?” “You really had a lot of turtlenecks back in the day.” “What did people […]

          Parse this:

          Over the weekend, Gabby scored a huge milestone in dance– finally breaking past her plateau of an entire season and qualifying for Oireachtas this fall. At the next day’s competition, she earned third place in her set dance, which was awesome (and a sign that we should just skip the very last, for-fun-only competition […]

            Happy birthday, Gravy!

            Dave had to leave the house at 4:30 this morning to be at a job site. It’s his birthday today, so that triple-sucks. My girls had this covered, though. Look:


            Those are a series of birthday notes (where’s Cam, you’re wondering. Well, last night was his lacrosse team banquet, at which he […]

              GABBY: Mom, so we were all talking.

              JULIE: Oh, no.

              GABBY: Stop it. We were talking about what I should get for my birthday.

              JULIE: ….Okay….

              GABBY: And so obviously I want a fancy corn snake.


              GABBY: And we were talking about what to name it, and we couldn’t come up with any […]

                How is this happening?

                Here is my favorite photo from the first time Gabby and I ran a Color Run together, in 2014:

                Gabby’s philosophy of life, captured in a photograph.

                And here we are this year. Same unhesitating joy from Gabby– only, when did she get this big??

                She asked me to put her on […]

                  Texting and Rock Faces

                  I currently have Gabby’s phone, because middle school growing pains reasons, and we are in the midst of negotiating the return of the phone– together with strict texting limits for the summer. Gabby is part of several group texts, which have basically been running since the start of the school year, in continuously updated […]

                    Oh no. Gabby has discovered astrology.

                    Of course she wants to be a Leo. Check out her sign.

                    So yesterday, Gabby spent a large portion of her day checking out astrological charts and reporting when they made sense and when they did not. Gabby is a Leo, so this was immensely fun for her. Basically, all of the information […]

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