Morning Conversation

[I’m making breakfast for the girls. Gabby’s stream-of-consciousness patter has been going on for quite some time.]

GABBY: …..And do you know what else I want to do some day?

JULIE: Be perfectly quiet and not talk for ten full minutes?

GABBY: No– well, I DO want to do that some day. And that […]

    Breakfast in Bed

    This lovely little vignette is in no way representative of the scene in my bedroom this morning.

    The girls were very upset to find me in the shower a little before 8 this morning. “Moooom!!!! We are making you breakfast in bed!!!!” they said, so I promised to get back in bed once […]

      Good Luck to my Lishie

      Gabby Cait had a challenging week in Irish Dance. Her coach was frustrated with her over her form, and Gabby was upset last night. She told me, “I don’t think I can do it like she wants me to!” I said, “Ms. Eilish loves you and is so encouraging and positive all the time, right?” Gabby agreed that […]

        Wisdoms From Addie J

        [Overheard in the car, after the J and I stopped at my parents’ place on our way to picking up the big kids.]

        GABBY: Addie, where did you get that sucker?!?!!?

        ADDIE J [around the sucker in her mouth; complacently]: From Papa.

        CAMERON: When did you see Papa?

        ADDIE J: Mommy and I were over […]


          This afternoon, while running errands, Cameron was trying to figure out a way to attend his soccer awards ceremony since we will be elsewhere during that time. Addie asked if he could just invite himself to someone’s house, and I replied that this was not polite. Gabby piped up and noted patronizingly that she would […]

            Losing Teeth

            Gabby lost one of her front teeth about a month ago, and its companion is on its way out now too. And I– who almost never experiences that nostalgia that causes mothers to hold onto baby clothes or cry at the bus stop– am a little sad. Here’s why: kids with baby teeth look like […]

              Chemo Day Three

              Things continue to go well. There may or may not have been a minor incident involving two cars and some new slight dents in both cars, and if so, this incident (which in my childhood would have been A Major Deal, since my dad loves his cars to the extent that, as kids, we were […]

                This is What I Get.

                The kids had appointments this morning to get the Flu Mist, to help protect their papa while he undergoes treatment to kick cancer’s ass a second time. I had sold it to them as a No Shot, No Way, No Worries situation– which in hindsight was really, really stupid. Because naturally, we got to […]


                  So, Gabby had Picture Day at school today. I had to work all day. I thought we had been clear about what she was going to wear: a sweater given to her for her birthday by her aunt Angie, and jeans.

                  Since I was at work when she got dressed, Gabby took it upon […]

                    Cupcake Wars Redux

                    I include this photo mainly so that you, too, will get dressed, leave the house, and go out for cupcakes at 9pm.

                    My kids love watching Cupcake Wars (although they, like their mother, get really hungry for cupcakes when they watch it). The other day we watched an episode that involved a Sea […]

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