We interrupt your Cameron stories to bring you this text exchange….

….Between Gabby and my brother, Mike. Mikey, as you know, did not live nearby until not too long ago- so while he heard a lot about Gabby and her Gabbiliciousness, it’s only recently that he has been deluged with it on the regular. Likewise, I don’t think Gabby was cognizant that she had a […]

    Every morning…

    Our ladder seat, in heavy rotation last year.

    The following things happen without fail each school morning. It’s like Groundhog Day over here:

    Cam showers and then gets back in bed. I then have to wake him up, about five minutes before his bus arrives. Every morning. (I also say, “Cam, why do […]

      Us Versus Super Bowl Snacks: an Unprecedented Win

      This year, we watched the Super Bowl with friends who had an absolutely massive spread. Sliders. Sloppy joes. Chicken pot pie. Brownies. Just unbelievable amounts of food; so, quite naturally, we all ate unbelievable amounts of food.

      You know how I live in a house full of easy pukers? With the exception of Dave, […]

        Sometimes, the simplest explanation is the correct one.

        GABBY: Mom, what’s a domestic battery?

        JULIE: Why do you ask?

        GABBY: Well, I’m looking for something for my argumentative essay, and I read that this person was arrested. And it says “domestic battery.”

        JULIE: Okay… well: sometimes, people who live in the same house get in fights. And when they become physical, then […]

          Gabby’s Ill-Fated Art Project

          I walked into my bathroom last night to see Gabby, brushing her hair and grumbling to herself. “What’s the problem?” I asked. Gabby said, “Well, I didn’t want to say anything to anyone else– but the Art Show is next week, and my submission is due tomorrow.”

          “Okay…” I began.

          “So I drew a realistic […]


            Earlier this week, it was almost dinnertime, I was just finishing making soup, and I turned around and Dave had left the house. I said, “Where’s Dad?” and Gabby replied, “He went to the grocery store.” I said, “Really? For milk or something? Did he tell me?”

            “Milk, but also some stuff for dinner […]

              Addie’s Thanksgiving letter

              You know how I always say that Addie is just a ray of sunshine and love? Below is the text from the J’s school Thanksgiving project. This is the light we are fortunate enough to have in our lives. Enjoy!

              Thanksgiving is near and I have people I’m thankful for. The first person I’m […]

                Thank you, Baby Jesus, for teenage boys and preteen girls. (Really!)

                Cammy was out of state for his tournament this weekend. First of all, I am proud to say that the parents who accompanied the kids have been thanking us all for how well-behaved our boys are, and what fun it was to spend time with that group. Which frankly I might have inscribed on […]

                  My Kids’ Hair: an Epic Struggle.

                  I have mentioned before that my mom, who is generally an awesome mom in every way, was not talented at styling hair. She therefore gave Betsy a supercurly perm, gave me the Buster Brown special, and Jill wore pigtails basically every day.

                  I could do this, no problem. Only NO ONE WILL LET […]

                    Picture Day…

                    As you know, I have always allowed the kids to wear whatever they wanted, as long as it covered them appropriately. And so Addie J has pictures today. She originally wanted to wear “a business suit,” however she encountered challenges in that A. she does not own a business suit, and B. she does not […]

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