Why yes– it IS a good idea.

At about 5:40am, Gabby hurled all over her bed (and does she sleep on the top bunk, surrounded by 7 billion stuffed animals that cannot go in the washing machine?  –You know she does).  Then at about 6:30, maybe 10 minutes after Dave left for work, Addie came in and said, “I feel like […]


    Somehow, we had absolutely snow boots and no snowpants in our house.  I can’t explain that, but here we are…. so Dave volunteered to take the kids out for winter gear so that I could finish some work in peace, before leaving for a dinner party  (time in a clean house by myself, followed […]

      Random thoughts from the weekend

      *Early on Thanksgiving morning, Addie J peeled back one of my eyelids and whispered, “Can we make you pancakes?”  Both of my eyes sprang open, and I heard Dave smelling the air for flames.  I said, “…….No…..?” and the J whispered back, “Okay,” and tiptoed flamboyantly out of the room like it was a bit on […]

        Extream Shnowser Makeover

        And here we have the gift Gabby left on my pillow last night before bed: an extream shnowser  makeover(side note: a schnauzer?  Really?!?!?!?  Last night I was all, “What…. Why…. But we don’t…. .what would make her…..Dave does this say schnauzer??”).  Please note the “before” picture in the left-hand corner: his whiskers are super-long, […]

          Save the Words…

          So, the Oxford English Dictionary is tired of getting pwned by the fact that 90% of English communication is consists of the same boring 7,000 or so words.  Hundreds of awesome words are lost every year because so many lazy mothers can’t be bothered to learn them, much less use them.  [N.B. I use the term […]

            For the Hearoes

            Gabby created this card for Veterans Day, which her school is going to send to those stationed overseas as a thank-you for everything they do to keep our world safe:

            When I first looked at this card, it filled me with glee: I love the old-school bombs dropping out of the […]

              Force of Nature

              Gabby and I had a particularly difficult day today.  I tell her often that her personality is as big as the sky– and that’s true.  Trouble is: there are certain places and situations that don’t have room for the whole sky.  School, for example.  (Or any checkout line— but that’s another post entirely.)  And when […]

                I understand that this is my fault.

                I have injured my right middle finger. It’s totally killing me; it’s all swollen and bruised and I will most likely have to have it amputated very shortly or risk death by septicemia.  (And, you  know: I really NEED that right middle finger some days, especially during rush hour, but that’s another topic.)  I am typing […]

                  Twenty Questions

                  In the car today, I tried playing Twenty Questions rather than I Spy.  It didn’t go any better:

                  JULIE: Okay, I’ve got something in mind.  It’s vegetable.

                  CAM’S FRIEND: Can you eat it?

                  JULIE: No.  Gabby’s turn.

                  GABBY: Is it red?

                  JULIE: No.  Cam’s turn.

                  CAM: Is it spicy?

                  JULIE: No.  Addie J’s turn.


                    So it’s Saturday morning….

                    …. the kids have been up since like 6am (I shouldn’t really begin there, since Dave got up and dealt with them while I rolled over and slept for another hour.  Thanks, Grave!).  Cam’s cousin, Brett, spent the night, and the boys are currently terrorizing the girls.  It took me about 12 hours to shower […]

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