Clever, hilarious Gabby (again! She’s really on fire lately)

Over Labor Day weekend, my mother-in-law married her love of many years, in a lovely and personal ceremony followed by a day of family time. Now, you should know that Dave came to me with a few little speech habits from his hometown, about which I love to tease him to this day. Case […]

    Gabby’s no fool.

    GABBY: Mom, someone brought $600 cash to school and lost it all.

    JULIE: What? How?

    GABBY: I don’t know.

    JULIE: Why did they bring $600 cash to school? Why did they even have $600 cash?

    GABBY: I don’t know. What would you do if I brought $600 cash to school and lost it all?


      Lost Lizard Fallout

      GABBY: Mom, can I have a corn snake? I will name it Fuego.

      JULIE: Gabby, you guys misplaced a lizard. I’m not interested in your misplacing a snake.

      GABBY: But that was Cameron, not me!

      JULIE: Have you proven yourself a responsible pet owner with your fish?

      GABBY [dismissively]: Those fish are dead.

      JULIE: […]

        Lishie turns twelve.

        “Mom, use this picture. People respect people who win trophies.” -Gabby’s life philosophy

        Twelve years ago today, I was pregnant with my second child, gender unknown. All I knew about this child was that it was very active, and could not stand for me to eat anything except fresh produce and smoothies. And then, in the eighth […]

          A Gabbyism, and Happy Fourth!

          As you know, confidence has never been an issue with Gabby. As you also know, although she’s a beautiful girl, she doesn’t really care. As long as she’s clean, she’s just not terribly invested in any concept of herself as a pretty girl. Case in point: yesterday Gabby asked me, “Are my eyes hazel or green?” […]

            I blame the shoes.

            Don’t be fooled: it looks all neat and pretty, but the feet inside these shoes are nightmares.

            Last night I was innocently doing a little repair job on Gabby’s Irish dance buckles. Sitting at the kitchen table, feet up on another chair, hurting no one.

            Let’s back up: we all know that I’m […]

              Amusement Park Craziness

              We took the kids to an amusement park yesterday. I looked at the weather and said, “Slight chance of scattered rain, no big.” Then we spent about thirty minutes chilling under a canopy, while a furious thunderstorm swept through:

              Don’t be fooled by these smiles. There was actual hail coming down fifteen feet […]

                Gabby and the Awards

                Gabby received the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence (or words to that effect) today. I’m really, really proud of her for her accomplishments- evidently, later today she’ll be winning some kind of Elite Award for P.E. as well (I’m less versed on that one) and she’s expecting to have won one of their class […]

                  Mother’s Day Madness

                  Here are some moments from my Mother’s Day weekend, for your amusement:

                  Earlier in the week, Dave found what appeared to be my Mother’s Day gift from Gabby. Turns out, it was going to be my gift in 2013– when she hid it, and then forgot about it. So in addition to this year’s Gabby […]

                    The New Dress….

                    Subtle, no? …This is what we’re up against.

                    Gabby, much to my dismay, has outgrown her Irish dance costume. It’s been let out all the way. We could maybe force it through another year– but then, I’m not positive it would last.


                    So, new solo dress it is. Lish has been sketching new […]

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