Tuesday Bullets

Apropos of nothing: if you intend to live a life of crime, and are hoping to get away with it, then maybe hold off on the facial tattoos. Spring is in that mode where it’s still fairly chilly in the mornings, so I’m never quite sure if I can wear open-toed shoes. These […]

    Presented Without Comment: Gabby’s Persuasive Letter Assignment

    She got an A and a, “Good luck!” from her teacher.


      Conversations With Gabby

      GABBY: Oh, hey Mom:

      JULIE: Oh, hey what?

      GABBY: Did you see this? [leads me to her bulletin board, where some greenish-brown shard, encased in tape, is pinned to the corner.] This is my frog toe.

      JULIE: Wait… what?

      GABBY: So remember when we dissected frogs? And it was awesome and so interesting? -And […]

        My Kids’ Outfits: The Struggle Continues.

        Weirdly, I could see either one of the girls wearing this.

        You know how, in our house, I somehow cannot get a handle on my girls’ outfits? This is an ongoing problem.

        Early this morning, I drove Tuesday carpool, noticing the cute and sporty outfit on Gabby’s friend M. Gabby was wearing her hair in […]

          Irish Dance Time…

          Do you ever get tired of reading about Gabby’s dancing? If so, then I apologize (I guess. I mean, I’m not holding a gun to your head). I never get tired of watching her, and we had a great weekend doing just that.

          But man, Irish dance is a time-consuming situation. We quite literally […]

            Friday Bullet Blog

            Since the Winterpocalypse of 2015 is now over (and since I abandoned my former gym, because it moved to a new location and the layout is terrible), I am absolutely dying to get outside and run. So Dave– because, as my friend Jimmy was kind enough to point out, he is the best husband […]

              Insert Nostalgic Irish Music Here.

              Remember how I only put Gabby in Irish Dance classes because it was close to my house? And how she spent her first two dance recitals waving at us and then shouting, “HI MOMMY!!!!!!!!” –-in case I didn’t see her? And then, when her coach told me they were moving her up to the […]

                Gratitude Tuesday

                Sort of like Taco Tuesday, only with fewer tacos.

                Gabby is still reading the seemingly-endless Warrior Cats books, and she frequently stops reading to tell me something about the plotline. I can never follow which cats are which– they all seem to have the same damn name, Shadowpelt or Fireclaw or whatever– and I […]

                  Thursday Bullet Blog

                  In case you’re wondering: I’m still obsessed with my Fitbit. You probably shouldn’t become my Fitbit friend, because I will totally beat you on a daily basis and I will be super obnoxious about it. Just a general note: a couple of times recently I have heard a woman say, “Other women don’t really […]

                    Why I’m Proud of Gabby

                    This is my favorite pic from the whole weekend. (Gabby wanted to buy a custom air-brushed tshirt and have it read, “Dance Mom Dave,” by the way. She couldn’t believe it when I said that Dave probably would not wear it.)

                    As I have mentioned, Gabby’s big competition was this weekend. As I […]

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