Let me get this on the record:

It is June 18. We are exactly nine days into summer vacation. During those nine days, here are just some of the activities my kids have participated in:

-6 soccer practices

-4 soccer games

-3 trips to the library (and yes, once again I got the Stone Cold Face of Judgment from someone working […]

    Questions of the Week

    As you slack off and start surfing the net toward the weekend, here are some of my children’s questions to ponder. Feel free to discuss them with one another, or ask an authority figure their opinion:

    From Gabby: Which body part is more important: your teeth or your butt?

    From Addie: Is water possible?


      Happy Mother’s Day!

      For Mother’s Day, Cameron gave me a jar filled with 26 reasons he loves me (as he told me: “Mom, I thought up TWENTY-SIX!!!”) . I’m supposed to read one per day, but of course I dumped them all out and read them on Sunday night. Here, complete with the original Cam Spelling, are […]

        The Parenting Olympics

        I finish last in the Parenting Olympics. I admit that freely. You know that weird, unspoken competition that some parents get involved in, where their children are concerned? Where they are the MOST involved and do the BEST parenting around, and therefore their kids are the MOST AMAZING baseball player/ mathemetician/ solids-chewer/ whatever in […]

          Sayings of the week

          To get your weekend off to the right start, I’ll leave you with these quotes from my children, all from this week– well, to be fair, one of these quotes is from Gabby’s classmates:


          MONDAY [picking up Gabby from the bus stop]

          ~ME: So Gabby, how was your first day back at school […]

            New Suits and New Phrases

            Okay, so Cameron will soon be making his First Communion. This requires a new suit, of course, which I foolishly thought was going to be a simple errand. Run to a department store, pick up a suit, The End. Wrong.

            I did several things wrong here. My first mistake was passing on to Cameron […]

              Tiger by the Tail

              Oh my God. The gecko lost its tail this week. Cam was trying to touch the gecko, and it freaked out for no reason and ran around its water bowl, where it momentarily got stuck and jettisoned its tail in order to get through. It was actually kind of gross to be honest– the […]

                The Reptililan Era

                Cammy’s birthday was yesterday (8 years old!!). As he told his Grandma Kathy when she called that morning, “I think my hands are bigger today.” He could not have been much happier all day– I had toyed with the idea of pulling him out of school early for a treat, but then I remembered […]

                  Friday Bullet Blog, part 1,000

                  I always have these grand plans for some sort of coherent blog here…. and then my life dictates that I toss up some crazy bullet blog. In my own defense, it really is a good representation of my daily life. So here you go:

                  *Gabby will be in tomorrow’s (likely rain-soaked) St. Patrick’s Day […]

                    Happy Mardi Gras!!!!!!

                    My family and I have returned from our annual trip to my beloved former city of New Orleans, to celebrate Mardi Gras. First of all– we are EXHAUSTED. Make no mistake– Mardi Gras is one marathon of a nonstop party. Secondly, it is theoretically possible that I’ve eaten more food in the same time […]

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