10 weeks: changes...

1. I. Feel. Like. Crap. 2. I was Godmother at my niece’s Baptism yesterday. I am in a terrible wardrobe stage, where none of my old clothes fit but I’m not big enough for maternity. 3. Why do I have to pose for photo opportunities in this situation? 4. Gabby got her first haircut […]

    9 Weeks

    Well, assuming that all is well, I am now 9 weeks pregnant. I feel pretty good today– usually a sign that the next day will totally suck, but we’ll see. I am doing the rubber-band trick with all my jeans now, and having trouble finding shirts that cover my half-zipped belly (why are all […]

      No more drama, I promise.

      I guess I can blame it on my hormones, but I’m all over the place these days. You are all such sweethearts to stick with me– reading over my past few entries, I’m even annoying myself with all the ups-and-downs. So here’s the situation: I am 8 weeks pregnant. I have a history of […]

        Halloween Trivia from Our House

        1. I took  the kids to Cammy’s Halloween party at school. I was determined to not be That Mom, and I remembered to bring treats for all the kids.

        2. I forgot to bring extra treat bags for all the siblings that would be there.

        3. Gabby stepped on my hand during Story Time, […]

          Good Lord.....

          I stepped on the scale this morning, because I haven’t been on the scale in a few weeks and I was curious to see what it would have to say.

          According to my scale, I have already put on 3 pounds!!!!!!! WTF?!?!? I’m not even eating any more than I was– in fact, I’m […]

            2 things:

            First, I have not yet miscarried. Whether the pregnancy is still viable I do not know, but my symptoms continue to increase. Dave thought my violent gag reflex this morning was just hilarious.

            Secondly, I told Cameron yesterday that he had a cold. Evidently, this is like telling him that he is a big […]

              Halloween costumes

              Here’s where we stand:

              Gabby loves Care Bears. So I meticulously tracked down, bid on, and won a Cheer Bear costume for her. It arrived Saturday, she took one look it, yelled, “No way!!” and ran off. I have yet to convince her to so much as touch it.

              Cameron loves dinosaurs. However, it […]

                How to Have a Bonfire

                1. Marry man who insists on keeping financial records from the Time Before the Moon.

                2. Convince him to destroy all records from the 2 oldest years (this will take approx 7 years of marriage).

                3. Somehow get it into your head that it will be fun to have a fire in your firepit, […]

                  “Don’t laugh” revisited…..

                  We were having dinner, and Gabrielle decided she wanted to get down; however, she hadn’t eaten anything; she seemed to be trying to absorb the pizza through her skin instead as she was covered in sauce. So, she started sticking her leg off the chair, saying, “I need det DOWN….. I need det DOWN…..” […]

                    Random Thoughts, mostly kid-related

                    Thursdays are like a big tease. You’re almost close enough to call it the weekend, yet you still have to get through Friday.

                    I have a friend with a 15-month-old daughter. I like her and her husband a lot. But for some reason, their little girl just doesn’t appeal to me. When I pick […]

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