“I think I want to let my hair grow.” –Cammy said this to me at the start of the school year.


Here’s the deal: I like short hair on boys. It doesn’t have to be a buzz– but I do love that clean-cut American Boy haircut. When Cam was young and I […]

    Teamwork, Baby.

    I feel strongly that team sports are wonderful character-builders for kids. They learn so much about team-building, about reaching goals as a group, about working together– and as I tell my college students when they’re all, “GROUP PROJECT!! We hate group projects!!”– you will be working in teams, on group projects, for the rest […]

      I’ll Never Survive.

      He looks good, right?

      Lacrosse season has begun. I love watching lacrosse games- I’ve got next to no prior experience, so I’m learning the game as I watch Cam play. And I really love the speed of the game, and the mechanics of the game. It’s just a cool game to watch. This […]

        Fourteen Years Ago…

        ….at about 2:00am, Dave came to bed. I don’t remember what he was doing. Then we experienced the following course of events:

        3:30am My water broke while I was sleeping. (I clearly remember saying to Dave, “Um, buddy? Either my water just broke, or I have a serious problem.”)

        3:35am Dave stopped trying to convince me […]

          Thirteen Years and 364 days Ago…

          Taken at about 10pm on March 12, 2001. Betsy’s daughters had written his name all over Papa’s hand, for reasons unknown. He let them, because he was always a boss like that.

          …I was nearly 5 days overdue with my first child. I had had a really easy pregnancy– never sick, never tired. […]

            My Kids’ Outfits: The Struggle Continues.

            Weirdly, I could see either one of the girls wearing this.

            You know how, in our house, I somehow cannot get a handle on my girls’ outfits? This is an ongoing problem.

            Early this morning, I drove Tuesday carpool, noticing the cute and sporty outfit on Gabby’s friend M. Gabby was wearing her hair in […]

              Irish Dance Time…

              Do you ever get tired of reading about Gabby’s dancing? If so, then I apologize (I guess. I mean, I’m not holding a gun to your head). I never get tired of watching her, and we had a great weekend doing just that.

              But man, Irish dance is a time-consuming situation. We quite literally […]

                Friday Bullet Blog

                Since the Winterpocalypse of 2015 is now over (and since I abandoned my former gym, because it moved to a new location and the layout is terrible), I am absolutely dying to get outside and run. So Dave– because, as my friend Jimmy was kind enough to point out, he is the best husband […]

                  Honest Criticism

                  My sentiments exactly.

                  I took Cam and his friend to see a show last night. I designed lights for this show, so after we dropped off his friend, I said to Cam, “What was the best part of the show?” –Fully expecting him to pull the obvious suck-up move and tell me how […]

                    Gratitude Tuesday

                    Sort of like Taco Tuesday, only with fewer tacos.

                    Gabby is still reading the seemingly-endless Warrior Cats books, and she frequently stops reading to tell me something about the plotline. I can never follow which cats are which– they all seem to have the same damn name, Shadowpelt or Fireclaw or whatever– and I […]

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