You Probably Don’t Want to See This Chart.

With the exception of the year when we were living in the city and I accidentally dumped Cameron’s entire trick-or-treat haul into the wet gutter, we wind up with ridiculous amounts of Halloween candy each year. And then my willpower ebbs slowly away as I face legions of Snickers and Kit Kats in […]


    Twenty-seven is a special number in my family. It’s the number from my dad’s race car, and to those of us who loved my dad, and live with his loss, 27 symbolizes that he is here with us, still. It is the number of honoring and celebrating his memory. My nephews, both football players, […]

      Look at This Kid.

      This is the five-year-old who sat on the sidelines and poured dirt onto his head during tee-ball games.

      This is the seven-year-old who who came over for water during halftime at basketball, and asked me when the game would be over.

      This is the nine-year-old who ran out of steam halfway through his […]

        The Reincarnation of Guido Continues…..

        Dad on the left at age 12, Cam on the right at age thirteen.

          Christmas Lists (Already???)

          My mother-in-law, Kathy, requested Christmas lists from the kids over the weekend. I was working last night, so the kids made their lists on their own. This morning I sent all of the info to Kathy, almost without explanation because 1. She already knows which items are fine and which are ridic; and 2. […]

            The Best Boy

            Yesterday was Parent Appreciation Night for Cam’s volleyball team. Since so many of our activities happen at exactly the same time, it was not surprising that I discovered I’d need to be there at around the same time that Gabby had to be at dance. I emailed Cam’s coach, checking what time I should […]

              Cameron is Stronger Than I Am. What??

              This is still my little guy in my head, sometimes. You know?

              Last night, without warning, Cameron tackled me. I was walking through the family room when I was hit from the side, driven violently into the ottoman. I retaliated instantly by digging my fingertips into his ribs, his most ticklish spot. This […]

                Gabby Knows What’s Up.

                This would be me, standing next to the car.




                The kids and I were catching up on our Face Off episodes (we’ve gotten really good at armchair special effects makeup design) when a Doritos commercial came on. I couldn’t manage to find it on The Interwebs, but in the commercial, […]

                  It’s All in the Pronunciation.

                  ADDIE [“helping” to fold laundry]: Mom, I don’t understand Cam’s shirt about the whores.

                  JULIE: ….What?

                  ADDIE: You know that shirt he has about what you put in the whores?

                  JULIE: Maybe you should show me.

                  Here is the inspirational quote on the back of one of Cammy’s tshirts. As you can see, when […]

                    Know What I Like About Having Older Kids?

                    She’s thinking to herself, “My parents’ chore chart can go to hell.”

                    –I mean, I like a LOT of things about this stage if family life: I can have actual conversations with them, their personalities come into clearer focus every day, I get to sleep through the night most of the time. I […]

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