So, this was kind of amazing:

At the library today, Gabby dropped her book down the elevator shaft.

We were getting on, and as she stepped over that gap between the floor and the elevator– holding two large-ish hardcover books in her arms– we heard a little BAM!  “What was that?” I said.  I looked at the floor.  Gabby looked at […]


    DAVE: What time do you have to be at WTTW tomorrow?

    JULIE: It’s not at WTTW, I’m meeting him on the west side.

    DAVE: Oh, I thought you said WTTW.

    JULIE: Nope.

    [Julie lapses back into her earlier train of thought]

    JULIE: It’s so annoying when an author uses himself or herself as the model […]

      Website of the day: Awful Library Books

      I got this link from my friend Summer, the finder of basically every hilarious site on the Interwebs:

      Awful Library Books

      Just from the 45 seconds I spent browsing this site, I have learned: 1. How to be Awesome 2. How to use all this dog hair lying around my house to knit sweaters […]

        Hell is “Where’s Waldo.”

        I don’t really mind the “I Spy” series– I find the setups to be kind of interesting and involved, and most importantly they’re not that hard. But I frigging hate “Where’s Waldo” with a fiery passion. Therefore and in accordance with the laws of nature, my kids love it. They like to check these […]

          More Hot Mess-isms

          At the library, while sitting angelically in a chair, with her little pigtails and her little shirt with the rainbow on it and her little pink sandals, just the picture of Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice, Addie J suddenly shifted to one side and farted. Really rattled her seat. Loudly– to anyone […]

            This weeks Random Moments

            Here is a collection of random moments in the lives of my beloved family over the past week. Enjoy!

            ***Cameron: Hey Mom: is ‘nipple’ a bad word?

            Julie: No. Nipple is not a bad word.

            Cameron: So I can say ‘nipple?’

            Julie: Yes.

            Cameron: Okay. So. ‘Nipple’ is okay to say. So if I […]


              I had a green tea frappe at the library today, with whip which isn’t typical for me. And evidently the whipped cream got all over my chin and I didn’t notice, until my sister looked at me and started cracking up. “You look like Santa Claus!!!” she screeched, which did wonders for my […]

                Christmas bullet blog

                **Instead of my standard gift card for teachers, I bought these lovely cocktail plates a few months ago and thought I would come up with something good to bake. Well, the so-called foolproof bon bons I chose ended up looking like balls of cat puke, so I made some fudge last night as a […]

                  “It wasn’t me!!!”

                  So, I’ve lost my voice. I feel perfectly fine, I’ve just lost my voice. This is a minor annoyance in general but becomes vitally important later on.

                  Today we saw Cam off to school and the girls and I went to gymnastics, which my niece also attends. Afterwards we all decided to go […]

                    A spoonful of sugar

                    Dave bought the kids a CD of Harry Connick, Jr, singing some children’s songs, and they are loving “Spoonful of Sugar.” I was listening to Cam sing it to himself just now: “A spoonful of SugAAAHHHHH helps the MEDICINE, go DOWN…. MEDICINE go DOOOOWN…. MEDICINE, GO DOWN…..a spoonful of sugAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH–helpsthemedicinegodown…….IN a most DEE-LIGHT-FUL WAY!!!!!!!” […]