Addie’s Thanksgiving letter

You know how I always say that Addie is just a ray of sunshine and love? Below is the text from the J’s school Thanksgiving project. This is the light we are fortunate enough to have in our lives. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving is near and I have people I’m thankful for. The first person I’m […]

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I was looking at some photos from Thanksgiving 2012. I have noticed that, in every photo taken in that year after my dad died, everyone looks vaguely shell-shocked. For an entire year, in every photo, posing or candid. And pics from that very first holiday season without Dad (my friend Tobin refers to this […]

      Never Forget Marney

      We completed most of our Thanksgiving cooking last night. Mom came over this morning for breakfast casserole, I went for a lovely but chilly run, and now we’re just taking our time, getting ourselves together for later today. It’s a nice, relaxing way to spend a holiday and I’m grateful.

      I’m going to guess […]

        Thanksgiving Weekend: a Pictorial Which Contains No Thanksgiving-Related Items

        My family and I spent the weekend in Michigan, watching Gabby compete in the Mid-America Regional Championships. Here’s a visual of how it all went down:

        This is the start of the long weekend. As you can see, everyone is alert, well-rested, and has recently eaten a Thanksgiving dinner.


        See? Here […]

          My Grateful List

          First of all: that little girl in the middle of this terse exchange is clearly having the time of her LIFE. Secondly, I am obsessed with how Grandma has zipped that outfit all the way up to her Adam’s apple. Thirdly: if, at your own Thanksgiving celebration, you should happen upon a moment […]

            Marney Speaks!!!!!!!!

            Well, it’s a goddamn Festivus miracle, because the Thanksgiving Overlord known as Marney sat down and twitched uncomfortably had a conversation with the writers in charge of the Awkward Family Photos website. Because I love you all so much, I have embedded the interview below- even though I’m supposed to be making salads per […]

              Grossest Turkey Substitutes

              Over the weekend I came across a recipe for “meatloaf” made with lentils. The creator, a vegan looking for ways to recreate comfort food without the meat products, suggested that her Lentil Loaf would be the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece.

              It looked like this.

              Now, I’m not bashing vegan food. In fact, I rarely […]

                Thanksgiving Links

                “Here’s the heart.”

                I’ve been searching the Interwebs for Thanksgiving horror stories for you all this morning. Hilariously, I found the old standby “Marney” letter and then two of my own. So here, for your Thanksgiving edification, are some Thanksgiving stories you are glad you weren’t a part of. Enjoy!

                Here’s the Marney […]

                  The Year of Shitty Firsts

                  Last night, I spoke to my friend Tobin. Regarding the Thanksgiving holiday, I said, “I don’t know. It was fine and not fine.” I told him how, in the middle of dinner, I was suddenly totally exhausted for no reason. He said, “You’re still in what I call The Year of Shitty Firsts.” And […]

                    FMY: It’s Officially the Season.

                    I have been in Michigan over the Thanksgiving holiday. I have some stories to tell you, from the sad (Dad’s absence at yet another holiday first) to the crazy (the woman who was hired to build Gabby’s Irish dance dress turned out to be a disaster of a failure).  What I have to do first, […]

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