Good point.

The J and I are participating in a fun run in the morning. I was originally signed up just with my friend Georgee. Then she signed up her husband and son, and– since the J is always asking me when she and I can do a special run together (since Gabby and I have […]

    The Best Gift

    A bit of holiday illness derailed our original plans. Well, I shouldn’t say “derailed” but rather, “adjusted.” We had our usual out-of-town holiday celebration, followed by a bigger-than-usual Christmas Eve. Then, in place of Christmas Day at my mom’s house, we had a crazy day of displacement: after morning gifts under the tree, we […]

      Merry Christmas!

      Silliest, funniest, most fun dad in the world. Merry Christmas, Dad.

      Wishing the best of holidays to you and yours. As always, remember to raise a glass to my dad tonight. (Blue Moon, if you have it. Or Guinness. Otherwise, as my dad would say, “I’ll take whatever you […]

        Christmas Lists (Already???)

        My mother-in-law, Kathy, requested Christmas lists from the kids over the weekend. I was working last night, so the kids made their lists on their own. This morning I sent all of the info to Kathy, almost without explanation because 1. She already knows which items are fine and which are ridic; and 2. […]

          Throwback Friday: Old School Christmas

          This is Dad, my grandma, and me one year on Christmas Eve– I’m going to say like 1980 or so. Things I love about this pic:

          I look like Cameron in a skirt. Also I remember that skirt. When did Dad wear a 3-piece suit on Christmas Eve? Was he a mafia don and I’ve […]

            I Have a Babka Problem.

            Years ago, Dave and I worked in the same office together with our friend Tobin. One Christmas, one of our clients sent us a holiday basket from Zabar’s which included, among other things, a chocolate babka.

            If you, right now, are saying to yourself, “Where have I heard that before?” then let me refresh your […]

              Top Five for Thursday: Holiday Treats

              Once, during an especially frosty winter 8K, one of the women I was running with mentioned that, in cold temperatures, blood supply is diverted to the core and away from the skin. She pointed out that, in places where we have more fat, blood supply gets diverted that much farther away from the skin– meaning that the fattiest of […]

                The New Santa

                So much love.

                Dad always played Santa Claus at my mother’s preschool’s Christmas program. He had done it for as long as I can recall; in fact, I remember coming home from college for Christmas break one year, and going straight to the school– to say hello to Dad in his Santa suit. In […]

                  Thursday Bullet Blog

                  I feel like I need this guy in my life. Or, at the very least, I need to run my 5K in his sweater vest.

                  So I had to stop everything yesterday for a migraine. That’s so irritating. While vacuuming the dining room today, I found a small chip of wood, which appears […]

                    Post Christmas Important Facts

                    A rare moment of calm on the otherwise loud and crazy Christmas morning, with my niece Cait and sister-in-law Erin. And Bloody Marys.

                    1. Santa gave Cameron his long-desired (and long-refused) cell phone. And, because Santa’s own cellular contract was up and her husband did an amazing job negotiating for her new iPhone 5 […]

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