Quotable Addie J

JULIE: Addie, throw out your gum before you eat that [Birthday Cake Pop from Starbucks which is a nickel’s-worth of cake on a stick and for which I just paid $1.50 because I myself am a sucker].

ADDIE J: Hold my Cake Pop.

ADDIE J: Mom… are you going to eat my Cake Pop?


    Happy Valentine’s Day, Take II!

    This morning Dave left early.  When I got up about 20 minutes later, I found a chai waiting for me on the bathroom counter with the words “I love you!” written on the rim (nice touch, Dave.  Or: I think the barrista has a thing for you, Dave).  Then kids each had a card for me, […]

      I may need some character witnesses.

      I took Addie J to Starbucks this morning after my workout, and she chose a long table where there were already two people having some sort of meeting.  I started to tell her to sit elsewhere, but they both said, “No– please stay.  She’s so cute!” etc.  Then they chatted her up, thusly:

      [I […]

        So it’s Saturday morning….

        …. the kids have been up since like 6am (I shouldn’t really begin there, since Dave got up and dealt with them while I rolled over and slept for another hour.  Thanks, Grave!).  Cam’s cousin, Brett, spent the night, and the boys are currently terrorizing the girls.  It took me about 12 hours to shower […]

          More Addieisms

          [Addie J walks up to Julie, climbs into her lap, gets her hair in Julie’s toast and puts her arms around Julie’s neck.]

          JULIE: Hi, Addie J.  I love you.

          ADDIE J: I LOVE chewing gum!


          ADDIE J: Did Johnny give me gum last Thursday?

          [Editor’s Note: We know no one named Johnny.  Also, […]

            Drop Everything and Read…

            This tranquil scene does not remotely represent the mayhem of this morning.

            DEAR (which for some reason, I persist in calling DARE which makes Cameron insaaaaaane) took place this morning at Cam and Gabby’s school.  It is simultaneously a great, fun activity– and an hour of torture.  Here are some highlights:

            *Gabby took “Drop Everything […]

              Update: to my beloved Starbucks Barristas

              I love you all.  If, just now,  you swapped out my chai for a double grande pumpkin latte by accident– then my racing heart, shocked taste buds, and I forgive you completely.  However: if it was a subtle nod to the fact that you know who I am and have read my previous post– then please […]


                The J, texting Thailand with my cell phone.

                Coming down the stairs this morning– or I should say, riding regally down the stairs in the arms of her servant (that’s me)– Addie J saw the dog lying in front of the front door. She yelled out joyfully, “ABITA!!! You alive!!!!!” Abita, who already […]

                  Questions of the Week

                  As you slack off and start surfing the net toward the weekend, here are some of my children’s questions to ponder. Feel free to discuss them with one another, or ask an authority figure their opinion:

                  From Gabby: Which body part is more important: your teeth or your butt?

                  From Addie: Is water possible?


                    The End of an Era

                    A few weeks ago, Novel Brew– the coffee shop within the library– closed its doors. As I mentioned on this blog a few months ago, my sister Jill and I used to go there every Wednesday afternoon after our library trip. And even before Jill started coming with me, I used to take my […]

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