Abita, 1997-2011

Abita joined her buddies Clancy, Farley and Maddison in the big doggie park in the sky this morning. She was a really sweet dog, patient and calm, and we loved her.

Cam and Gabby are very upset, but somehow I think it’s worse for Addie J, who doesn’t really understand. “Mommy, are you crying?” She […]

    Mother of the Year Awards: the Carseat Edition

    I know I haven’t updated in a few days, and that makes me suck as a blogger.  I would list for you all the crazy things going on in my life right now, and tell you about all the rehearsals and cue writing and focuses that are happening (which are also the reasons why I just barely dragged […]

      Apparently I’m not hiding my annoyance very well.

      There is a dog in our neighborhood who loves to bark.  Loooooooooves it.  Her yappy bark is usually what wakes me up, as she is let outside every morning at 7:15 (note that I can tell you exactly when the dog goes outside).  In the summertime, when we’re sitting on our patio, Yappy Dog […]

        Points to Ponder:

        When kids are standing in the bathroom, and they realize they’re about to throw up, why do they then immediately run to a room that is carpeted and throw up on the floor?  Does it have anything to do with the reason a 14-year-old dog lying on the kitchen floor will suddenly jump up […]

          You Know What Sucks?

          When your 13-year-old dog’s hips are failing, so she loses her balance and falls into the pile of crap she’s just produced…. and then she can’t get into the car to get to the groomer without help….. and then, because you have noticed that she is always scrabbling for purchase when she tries to get […]

            Random thoughts from the weekend

            *Early on Thanksgiving morning, Addie J peeled back one of my eyelids and whispered, “Can we make you pancakes?”  Both of my eyes sprang open, and I heard Dave smelling the air for flames.  I said, “…….No…..?” and the J whispered back, “Okay,” and tiptoed flamboyantly out of the room like it was a bit on […]


              *This morning, Addie J said to me, “Mommy, I love you! You are my best friend!” I had barely 5 seconds to enjoy and revel in this before she went on, “And Abita is my bestest friend! I love you, Abita!” That’s right: I’m second to the dog.

              *Also this morning on my run, […]

                I’m Taking the Kids to Chili’s.

                I realize what Gabby is wearing.  Trust me, this is the least ridiculous outfit she has run by me in the past thirty minutes.  I know that, without that context, it seems like I should be reported to DCFS for letting her out of the house in a patriotic tshirt, blue-and-green dress, candy cane leggings […]

                  God Save the Queen.

                  ….What you can’t see in this photograph, is that Addison has crowned Abita the Queen.  She’s been sitting next to her, holding a tiara on Abita’s head while wearing hers down over her eyes like this.  I think Addie J thinks you’re supposed to wear them as sunglasses.

                  Abita looks like she’s plotting to […]

                    Addie J and her Sense of Entitlement

                    Remember when you were 3, and everything in the world existed solely for your pleasure?  Even the dog?? 

                    This is how she rolls, ladies and gentlemen.  This is how she rolls.

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