Road Trips, Then and Now

We were about this old when we held Mike out the window. It could have been this exact trip.

When I was a kid, we almost exclusively road tripped when we went on vacations. Mom and Dad would put down the seats in the station wagon, throw some sheets down to protect the car […]

    Vacations, Birthdays, and Hawaii 5-0

    The kids just spontaneously did this when we left, and my heart melted into a puddle. 

    We spent last week in Virginia with Jill and her family. As usual when we’re all together, we had a great time and did lots of fun stuff– but everyone was surprised when it was time to […]

      Dad and the Turkey

      I thought you would appreciate hearing this fun story from Louisiana.

      One gorgeous Carnival morning last week, Mom and I went for a run through Audobon Park. Halfway through, we stopped near the pond where we may (or may not, this might be a legal gray area) have scattered some of Dad’s ashes. The […]

        Mardi Gras Madness!

        I had big plans, you guys. I was totally going to be an adult and prewrite some posts for the whole time we were gone, and then I was going to get right on it and tell you all about our fabulous trip as soon as I returned. I didn’t. All my good intentions, […]

          Back From DC!

          As Jill put it: we “went dark” for much of the last week. I was visiting Jilly and her family– attending soccer games, going to the nearby street festival, and just hanging out together. We had such a great time! –And I was happy to come home and see my family. I rarely go […]

            Dad and the Nebraska Bumper Sticker

            Yesterday, my sister Jill won Facebook with this photo of us from a family vacation:

            L to R: Betsy, Jeff, me, Jill, and Dad in the back, unintentionally matching shirts with his kids like a 1980s boss.


            Incidentally: my terrible Buster Brown haircut, and its “what happens if you don’t blow it dry on […]

              Second Annual Michigan Weekend

              Last year at this time, my dad was buried in a beautiful military funeral. This was about ten days after his death, and everyone was still in a state of shock. I don’t recall exactly how it came about that we pulled it together so quickly– but after the funeral, the entire extended Giampaolo family traveled […]

                And This is How We Get Ready to Go to the Water Park.

                CAM: Mom, can I go outside?

                JULIE: No, I need you guys to get your jobs done so we can go to the water park.

                CAM: What!?!?!?!? We’re going to the water park today?!?!?!?

                JULIE: …Yeah. You know, how we’ve been talking about that for a couple of days now?

                CAM: Ohmygosh YOU GUYS […]

                  Julie v. Wildlife, Lake Edition

                  I think I saw one of these on our trip. And yes, it was trying to kill me.

                  Here is a list of some of the wildlife I battled while we were on our trip. I would like to point out that I did not flake out one single time during any of […]

                    Did You Miss Me?

                    All smiles. This, of course, was taken before we all got flipped off in a myriad of ways.

                    Well, the van smells like armpits and I have a wicked sunburn on my inner thighs, which can only mean one thing: we are back from our waterskiing trip. We had an absolutely fabulous time thanks […]

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