Mardi Gras!!!

UPDATE: I believe I have fixed that awful issue where none of you could see the pics. Let me know if you are still having trouble.

We had a great trip this year. On the way home, Dave and I agreed it was one of our best ever. Once again, some photos for you:



    Every morning…

    Our ladder seat, in heavy rotation last year.

    The following things happen without fail each school morning. It’s like Groundhog Day over here:

    Cam showers and then gets back in bed. I then have to wake him up, about five minutes before his bus arrives. Every morning. (I also say, “Cam, why do […]

      Dad and the Turkey

      I thought you would appreciate hearing this fun story from Louisiana.

      One gorgeous Carnival morning last week, Mom and I went for a run through Audobon Park. Halfway through, we stopped near the pond where we may (or may not, this might be a legal gray area) have scattered some of Dad’s ashes. The […]

        Mardi Gras Madness!

        I had big plans, you guys. I was totally going to be an adult and prewrite some posts for the whole time we were gone, and then I was going to get right on it and tell you all about our fabulous trip as soon as I returned. I didn’t. All my good intentions, […]

          Happy Mardi Gras!!!

          This was our first evening there. I believe we were at Druids and Nyx.

          I apologize for the long radio silence. I had intended to write a bunch of new posts and deploy one each day while I was in New Orleans.. I also planned on packing pants for myself, yet when I […]

            Happy Mardi Gras!!!

            I know. I’m late. I’m sorry.

            We had a great, and bittersweet, time in New Orleans. Mom came with us, which was awesome. Dad also came with us, in the form of a tiny little urn which held some of his ashes. We had decided to bring him along one last time, and I’m […]

              Mardi Gras Madness!!!!!

              This is someone’s house in the French Quarter. Every year, they do something amazing for Carnival season, and this year was dragons. How can you not love a city like this?

              I have tons to tell you.  First, and most importantly: my dad is doing great.  We went to my parents’ house when […]

                Brace Yourselves: Mardi Gras Bound

                My dad at Mardi Gras in 2009. Please note that he is not a nubile young girl, nor is he flashing– yet somehow he has three highly coveted spears (most people consider themselves lucky to get one spear in a whole season). Even the dudes on the floats instinctively love my dad.

                We […]

                  GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!!!

                  As a former New Orleanian, I have been completely excited and hopeful regarding New Orleans’ chances in the Super Bowl.  And I have patiently borne the jabs of a certain friend of mine, constantly referring to them as the ‘Aints (you know who you are).  I normally sit pretty quietly during the Super Bowl, […]

                    Happy Mardi Gras!!!!!!

                    My family and I have returned from our annual trip to my beloved former city of New Orleans, to celebrate Mardi Gras. First of all– we are EXHAUSTED. Make no mistake– Mardi Gras is one marathon of a nonstop party. Secondly, it is theoretically possible that I’ve eaten more food in the same time […]

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