Happy Easter!

Run, kid. Bunnies don’t have tentacles.

In a few minutes, the kids and I are headed to my mom’s to color Easter eggs, and I cannot stand the Easter holiday. I know I’ve told you that before; there’s just something lame about it and this tradition is one of my least favorites. So, […]

    Easter Malaise….

    I feel your pain, kid.

    Typical of my usual, “Oh yeah- better do something about that” last-minute approach to Easter– my absolute least favorite of holidays– I realized last night that I would need the following:

    Easter egg dye and eggs Plastic eggs (note to self: check the basement) Candy to fill the […]

      Hair Chalk ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

      The girls got hair chalk kits from the Easter Bunny. Holy Hell. We all thought it was going to be a super-fun, super-effective experience. Why didn’t anyone tell me how wrong I was? Don’t I have any friends at all? We totally thought we were going to get this:

      As if.


      The aftermath […]

        Easter Egg Dying. That’s not a Misspelling.

        “The power of Christ compels you!”

        The kids and I are shortly off to my mother’s for our annual Massive Easter Egg Dyeing Session. This will involve at least 96 eggs in various states of cooked; 23 individual mugs of egg dye (and never enough mugs of blue); several adults trying unsuccessfully to […]

          Happy Easter!!

          Overall, we had a lovely day. But my God, without my dad, there is a hole in everything. I just will never get over this in my lifetime.

          In other news: please don’t tell my trainer how much candy and how many Slutty Brownies I ate today. What, you ask, are Slutty Brownies? Well: […]


            “Guys, we’re headed to Grandma’s house to dye Easter eggs!” I called. “I need everyone to get dressed in something they don’t mind getting stained.”

            Addie J came to me, wearing the summer sundress she had put on when she got up at like 6am. It’s an ugly dress, too: pink with tiers of […]

              Crappy Easter!!

              Easter Bunny, my ass.

              Here’s a secret for you: I don’t really like Easter. I don’t know what my problem is, really– maybe I never got into it because I think jelly beans and Cadbury Cream Eggs are gross. I just am not a fan. Plus, in true Julie and Dave Didn’t Think […]

                Easter Madness

                I feel like my fabulous gay friend Larry might have posed for this Easter Bunny drawing.

                Every year, the kids set a trap for the Easter Bunny.  This year I thought it wasn’t going to happen– but right before they went to sleep, the kids spilled the beans.  They were planning to stay […]

                  Let Me Save You About $50 (Depending How Much You Like Your Movie Snacks)

                  This tag line is only technically accurate. In the way that sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan lollipops are technically candy.

                  You know how your kids want to see the movie Hop?  So you were probably going to take them some time this weekend or next week?  Well, to borrow a phrase from my sister Jill, […]


                    So yesterday, the kids got a package from Grandma in the mail, just some little thinking-of-you gifts. They were ecstatic, especially Addie J who went totally psycho: throwing the box in the air, squeezing the Zhu Zhu pets in her hands like Lenny from Of Mice and Men, trying to bite open the plastic […]

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