Today Is Not That Important.

Sixteen years ago today, on a gorgeous fall day without a cloud in the sky, Dave and I got married. And that’s actually the least important day in the series of How We Became a Family.

Seventeen years and 51 weeks ago, I first spoke to my husband on the phone and said, “Wow. Who is […]

    Thursday Trivia

    Did you know that my mom turned 68 yesterday? We had intended to have cake with her- instead she came over and helped me rub the back of my little sick daughter, while we made plans to celebrate over the weekend. My mom is pretty great, as you know– and my kids agree: last […]

      Anniversary Dave Trivia

      This is how Dave looked, picking me up from the airport last month. Look how happy he is. I love him.

      Our wedding anniversary is this week. It’s not really a milestone, unless you like the number 16 because it has a nice even square root (I’m looking at you, Maia). In the […]

        Lunchtime, Courtesy of the J

        Mom was on Kid Patrol last night, while Dave and I were out for our anniversary (by the way: Dave had my grandmother’s wedding ring repaired and resized as my anniversary gift. How kickass is he????). I had left a list of things for the kids to complete: homework, showers, “throw away Ziploc bag […]

          Happy 45th Anniversary, Mom and Dad.

          We love you.

            Sweet Nothings

            JULIE [throws arms around Dave]: I like when you’re home in the mornings. I love you.

            DAVE: I love you too.

            JULIE: You make me happy.

            DAVE [big hug]: Well, that’s pretty good for us, then.

            JULIE: Except when you’re doing something annoying.

            DAVE [freezes]:

            JULIE: Like when you stand behind me and eat […]

              Fourteen Reasons To Be Married to Dave:

              Look at that face. That is Dave's, "I'm tolerating some shenanigans as we speak" face.

              Today is our fourteenth anniversary, which seems both super-long and also like it’s just the beginning. Here are my top fourteen reasons why I am so lucky to have Dave:

              1. He will get up out of bed, at any […]

                Happy Anniversary!

                As several people have pointed out, Dave appears to be wearing a halo here. Do not be fooled.

                Thirteen years ago today, I sat in the basement of a church in a white dress. Through the high, narrow basement windows I saw Dave’s feet swiftly cross the sidewalk and pass through the side […]

                  Happy Anniversary!

                  Nine years ago today, at 1:15-ish, I sat in the basement of our church in my wedding dress, looking up through the windows at the feet of people attending our wedding. I saw the feet of my husband-to-be; “There’s Dave,” I said. “No it isn’t,” my sister answered. “It’s– yes it is!! How did […]

                    Happy Anniversary!

                    Today is my 8th wedding anniversary! What are we doing, you ask? Well…. Dave has class tonight. So last Friday we had a date, and this weekend we have another minidate (although the kids will be along on that one). I have to be in the office this morning, so I left him a […]