Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Right? All of my extensive training in watching CSI and reading the Scarpetta books led me to this shining success moment.

It’s gonna be a long and fun day today, my friends. I’m typing this while sitting at a kitchen table which has leprechaun footprints all over and around a sprung leprechaun trap. […]

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    Empty. Something’s wrong, here.

    Today, I have an Irish dancer and a little leprechaun, and a teenager who said, “Mom, you’re not gonna get a picture out of me this morning.” I’ll give a midterm, and head to (yet another) Irish pub, and have (yet another) Guinness while I watch my dancer entertain […]

      Irish Dance Time…

      Do you ever get tired of reading about Gabby’s dancing? If so, then I apologize (I guess. I mean, I’m not holding a gun to your head). I never get tired of watching her, and we had a great weekend doing just that.

      But man, Irish dance is a time-consuming situation. We quite literally […]

        Friday Bullet Blog

        Since the Winterpocalypse of 2015 is now over (and since I abandoned my former gym, because it moved to a new location and the layout is terrible), I am absolutely dying to get outside and run. So Dave– because, as my friend Jimmy was kind enough to point out, he is the best husband […]

          Insert Nostalgic Irish Music Here.

          Remember how I only put Gabby in Irish Dance classes because it was close to my house? And how she spent her first two dance recitals waving at us and then shouting, “HI MOMMY!!!!!!!!” –-in case I didn’t see her? And then, when her coach told me they were moving her up to the […]

            I Mean. This is Just Unbearably Cute.

            Look at my beautiful girl at an Irish Dance show last weekend, dead center in purple. As Gabby wrote recently in a school paper: “Irish Dance is my LIFE.”

              Weekend Update

              And here’s the stupid face I apparently make while watching Gabby perform. Other people must think I’m an idiot.

              My family and I spent the weekend selling Ronny Gras tickets, tshirts and gear. Our total outperformed our expectations!! Both strangers and friends came by to say hello and donate to our cause, and […]

                Shamrock Shuffle High Points

                I ran the Shamrock Shuffle yesterday with a couple of friends.  Here are the high points:

                1.  It was cold.

                2. So.  Frigging.  Cold.

                3. But we found someone’s “Free Beer” tag on the ground, so we got an extra free beer!!!

                4. This year’s Person With a Crazy Infirmity Who Still Managed To Beat Me: […]

                  Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

                  Look how excited Dave is, to be setting up a leprechaun trap once again this year.

                  So, mainly because I started a foolish tradition back before I considered the sheer drudgery of doing this every year, the kids always make a leprechaun trap and leave it out the night before St. Patrick’s Day.  […]


                    *This morning, Addie J said to me, “Mommy, I love you! You are my best friend!” I had barely 5 seconds to enjoy and revel in this before she went on, “And Abita is my bestest friend! I love you, Abita!” That’s right: I’m second to the dog.

                    *Also this morning on my run, […]

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