Thank you, Baby Jesus, for teenage boys and preteen girls. (Really!)

Cammy was out of state for his tournament this weekend. First of all, I am proud to say that the parents who accompanied the kids have been thanking us all for how well-behaved our boys are, and what fun it was to spend time with that group. Which frankly I might have inscribed on […]

    Mother’s Day Madness

    Here are some moments from my Mother’s Day weekend, for your amusement:

    Earlier in the week, Dave found what appeared to be my Mother’s Day gift from Gabby. Turns out, it was going to be my gift in 2013– when she hid it, and then forgot about it. So in addition to this year’s Gabby […]

      The New Dress….

      Subtle, no? …This is what we’re up against.

      Gabby, much to my dismay, has outgrown her Irish dance costume. It’s been let out all the way. We could maybe force it through another year– but then, I’m not positive it would last.


      So, new solo dress it is. Lish has been sketching new […]

        Tuesday Bullets

        Apropos of nothing: if you intend to live a life of crime, and are hoping to get away with it, then maybe hold off on the facial tattoos. Spring is in that mode where it’s still fairly chilly in the mornings, so I’m never quite sure if I can wear open-toed shoes. These […]

          Presented Without Comment: Gabby’s Persuasive Letter Assignment

          She got an A and a, “Good luck!” from her teacher.


            Friday Bullet Blog

            Since the Winterpocalypse of 2015 is now over (and since I abandoned my former gym, because it moved to a new location and the layout is terrible), I am absolutely dying to get outside and run. So Dave– because, as my friend Jimmy was kind enough to point out, he is the best husband […]

              Gabby’s Review of Search for the Shadowman

              [Gabby brought home this book report today. For the record, she received a perfect score for her scathing review. Dave and I have been reading parts of it out loud and laughing our asses off all night, and Dave said, “You have to type that up and put it on your blog. Then […]

                Typical Gabby Moment.

                I was off serving as an event judge for much of yesterday. Usually, I find that these events are run very smoothly and professionally, and visiting judges are provided with ample support. I did not have a typical experience this time, and I came home hungry, a little strained, and rather out of sorts.

                Gabby met me […]

                  Speaking of Outfits….

                  Everyone at my house is extra-excited for this weekend, since we have very special visitors coming in a few hours. Addie J– who normally needs to be awakened at 8:30 each morning– started coming downstairs before 7am, shouting excitedly, “MOM IF THEY’RE HERE BEFORE I GET HOME FROM SCHOOL CAN THEY COME AND PICK […]

                    I Don’t Believe! I Don’t Belieeeeeeeeve!!!!!!!

                    So I found this insane thing on the porch:



                    I considered for a moment, then went straight to Gabby. “Hey,” I said. “What’s this weird thing I found on the porch?” Gabby didn’t even look up from the wig she was making for her stuffed dog out of duct tape and […]

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