And Here’s How an Insight About Gabby Led to Tremendous Sympathy for Dave:

JULIE: … So then Gabby was like, “I know it’s early in the morning to be bringing this up so I don’t know how you’re going to take it– but I need a red sweater for the Christmas musical.”

DAVE: [laughs]

JULIE: So I tried to talk her into just getting ready for school […]

    Tree Fiasco

    Okay, so the freaking tree fell down yesterday. Why, you ask? Well, remember how I told you that the tree farm we visited was a bit sub-par in terms of actual trees? Short answer: that’s why. Long answer: our tree’s trunk looks like an Etch-a-Sketch drawing and is nearly impossible to balance in the […]

      Well, This Was Weird.

      Maybe I'll come back later and Photoshop Dave's head onto this pic.

      I had a vivid, long dream last night that we were having another baby. This is in spite of the fact that we took steps to close that door right after Addie J, our wonderful but unexpected surprise, was born. Even […]

        Please Take Note:

        …That at exactly 10:40pm on Saturday, October 15, 2011, Dave said: “Martha Stewart probably drops deuces in festive shapes.”

        I’m still trying to recover from this statement.

          Happy Anniversary!

          As several people have pointed out, Dave appears to be wearing a halo here. Do not be fooled.

          Thirteen years ago today, I sat in the basement of a church in a white dress. Through the high, narrow basement windows I saw Dave’s feet swiftly cross the sidewalk and pass through the side […]

            And This is How You Know Dave and I Are Children.

            We are having tacos. Addie J is singing a song that goes like this:

            “It’s gonna be a fat, fat, taco. A fat, fat taco.”

            …And Dave and I are sitting across from each other, daring one another to keep a straight face.

              Dave and Dr. Julie, M.D.

              JULIE: Hey– I self-diagnosed my Achilles tendon injury.

              DAVE: Oh my god.

              JULIE: It’s Stage 2 Tendonitis.


              JULIE: Know what that means?

              DAVE: No. And neither do you.

              JULIE: It means rest and ice.

              DAVE: …Just know that I reserve the right to mock you about this at any time.

              JULIE: Noted.



                I just read this story on MSN, wherein we learn that women remember things better when told to them by a deep-voiced man.

                I’ll give you a second here to recall Dave’s deep, gorgeous voice.

                Now: why is it that I can never remember a single thing that man tells me?

                  Okay, Thanks But….

                  I love each and every one of you who has forwarded me this link today, about the germs that lurk in public places. And I know you’ll understand when I say, I have not and will not read this. You know that I’ve been steadily working on my natural propensity to live in a […]

                    Two Reasons Dave Rocks:

                    1. He helped my dad work out his tight quad muscle (of which, thanks to his sarcoma, he lost 75% last winter. Thanks for nothing, cancer) last night, and today Dad said it felt better.

                    2. Last night, when I woke him up because I had had a nightmare involving receipts, he didn’t judge […]

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