Why Is This a Concern?

I was tucking in Addie J for a nap. She changed into her pajamas as she usually does, and as she snuggled into bed and I tucked her covers around her, she looked sleepily into my eyes and said, “Don’t let Daddy put my clothes on.”


    We’re Baaaaaack…

    Sorry for the posting lag; we were out of town for the weekend.  I tried to post something during our trip out on Friday, but something went wrong with my WordPress app and, as far as I know, it’s still in limbo, trying to decide whether to post my entry.  Believe me, I was […]

      Corporate CYA

      I’ve mentioned before that Cammy’s Zune isn’t working properly.  Well, we just got it less than a year ago, so it’s still under warranty.  The problem was that we couldn’t find the original order number.  Dave called the Repairs Department at Microsoft with the serial number, hoping that would be enough: “Sorry sir, we […]

        Worst Parenting Tasks

        Here for your amusement is a short list of some parenting jobs that I dread doing. I know I’m not alone in some of these– although I acknowledge that my germophobia comes into play in many instances. This list is in order of hatred:

        1. Taking small children into a Porta-Potty: I spend a […]

          Quick Thinking From a 3-Year-Old

          Addie J had an accident at preschool yesterday, and her teacher had to change her into the spare pants they keep for this occasion. When Dave picked her up and found out about it, he said to the J, “Did you have an accident at school?” “Nope,” she replied. “Are you sure?” he went […]

            I've been home for 30 minutes....

            Thursday's genius

            And so far, this is what Dave has done:

            1. Let me know that he forgot to take out Gabby’s French braids this morning as planned.  So instead of her going to school with kinky hair, she wore Medusa’s wig all day.  (To be fair: Dave defended himself thusly: “Well, Gabby […]

              Food Critics

              I found a recipe in this month’s Bon Appetit that I thought I’d like to try.  So I sent Dave out for dried cannellini beans which he could only find, as it turns out, at a specialty Italian store, making it a long errand to track these down.  I then spent basically all day, […]

                I just wanted to say…

                …that Dave is a great guy. He really is. But he does the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen to every melon he’s ever cut up. Instead of cutting it into chunks or melon balls like a normal person, Dave somehow shreds it into a big pile of tiny little melon scrapings. I don’t know […]

                  Bullet Blog…

                  *Yesterday, some really important thing on the van broke and Dave spent all night fixing it.

                  *Well, actually first he spent all night at the RCIA program (or as Mikey and I call it, “Adult CCD”) and THEN he came home and fixed the van.  He told me it now handles “like a race car.”


                    Soccer Uniform Epic Fail

                    We got Cammy’s soccer uniform today. Or should I say, Cammy’s soccer crop top and Daisy Dukes. For some reason I cannot fathom, Dave put Cam down as a Youth Small when he registered for soccer. It seems to be sized to fit Mini-Me.

                    Maybe this will cut down on wind resistance or […]

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