Thursday Bullet Blog

In case you’re wondering: I’m still obsessed with my Fitbit. You probably shouldn’t become my Fitbit friend, because I will totally beat you on a daily basis and I will be super obnoxious about it. Just a general note: a couple of times recently I have heard a woman say, “Other women don’t really […]

    Dad, Cammy, and the Snake

    Remember those days when your kid couldn’t figure out how to smile on cue? 

    Cam, as you know, loved going to the garage and working with his Papa. Once, when he was about five, he and Dave spent a Saturday morning at the garage with Dad. It must have been a rather light-duty […]

      Regular Tuesday.

      You DON’T have handmade toy medicine for your imaginary cat army in your refrigerator?

      DAVE: What the hell is this?

      JULIE: What?

      DAVE [removes cup made of toilet paper roll and masking tape from refrigerator]: This. What– is there something actually IN this?

      ADDIE: That’s our medicine, Dad.

      GABBY: For the Cat Game*.


        You Probably Don’t Want to See This Chart.

        With the exception of the year when we were living in the city and I accidentally dumped Cameron’s entire trick-or-treat haul into the wet gutter, we wind up with ridiculous amounts of Halloween candy each year. And then my willpower ebbs slowly away as I face legions of Snickers and Kit Kats in […]

          This is How We Spend Our Mornings.

          DAVE: Hey, bud.

          JULIE: Hey, buddy. What’s going on?

          DAVE: I’m off to the store to pick up lawn bag stickers.

          JULIE: Nothing but nonstop glamour and excitement, huh?

          DAVE: You know it.


            Spider Update: All is Well.

            JULIE: Oh, hey! I wrote you a haiku. It’s about your bringing me a surprise Burrito Bowl, and also about your new work car. Want to hear it?

            DAVE: ……..No.

            JULIE: Okay, here it is:

            Chipotle? Thank you, Dave!

            And also, FYI:

            I’ll pick out the car.

            DAVE [pauses, then shakes his head […]

              Little Miss Muffet

              That’s what Gabby was calling me this morning. You see, I had a near-death experience last night while driving to work. A spider– A SPIDER– suddenly crawled across the inside of the windshield right in front of me. I was on the freeway at the time, and I briefly considered heading straight off the road […]

                Thursday Trivia

                Did you know that my mom turned 68 yesterday? We had intended to have cake with her- instead she came over and helped me rub the back of my little sick daughter, while we made plans to celebrate over the weekend. My mom is pretty great, as you know– and my kids agree: last […]

                  Anniversary Dave Trivia

                  This is how Dave looked, picking me up from the airport last month. Look how happy he is. I love him.

                  Our wedding anniversary is this week. It’s not really a milestone, unless you like the number 16 because it has a nice even square root (I’m looking at you, Maia). In the […]

                    Dad Would be so Proud.

                    My Saab enjoys having sudden, random, small issues from time to time. These issues usually disappear without explanation almost immediately thereafter- for example, the display might suddenly inform me that the car alarm is going off, when it’s definitely not, and then it’ll be like, “Oh, never mind.” And then be fine forever. But […]

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