Dad Would be so Proud.

My Saab enjoys having sudden, random, small issues from time to time. These issues usually disappear without explanation almost immediately thereafter- for example, the display might suddenly inform me that the car alarm is going off, when it’s definitely not, and then it’ll be like, “Oh, never mind.” And then be fine forever. But […]

    I Didn’t Get to Find Out if Heaven Is For Real.

    Last night, inspired by Jill’s Facebook photo of their movie snacks, Dave and I made a Redbox visit (and then I posted my own pic of my movie snacks to Facebook. Both my sisters commented, “Your snacks suck balls.” We had apples, strawberries, cucumbers, popcorn, and those sugar-covered orange slices; or, as my brother put it: “Your […]

      The Garden; or, My Newest Obsession


      Damn it.

      Have I mentioned the garden? I think I have; this spring, Farmer Dave put in some raised beds so that we could try our hand at growing more than our traditional cherry tomatoes in a giant pot on the patio. Then– because my Davy does nothing halfway– he started about […]

        “Birth-Father’s Day,” as Cam Called It.

        ….And no, Cam doesn’t have a foster father or a stepfather or an adoptive father. Yesterday was Dave’s birthday as well as Father’s Day, so Cam combined the two all day. I had asked Dave what he wanted to do yesterday– we were out of town overnight on Friday and would be returning home […]

          You Knew This Was Going To Happen.

          I was in the kitchen, minding my own business, when I heard a knock at the door. Assuming it was one of the neighborhood kids, I said, “Get that, Gabs?” — and promptly heard a man saying, “Hi! Can you get your dad? I’ve got a delivery here for him?”

          Save […]

            Vegas, Baby.

            MY BROTHER-IN-LAW: When’s Dave get back from Vegas?

            JULIE: Today.

            BIL: He’s gonna be tiiiiired. –Unless he’s been skipping the nightlife and going back to the hotel at the end of the day?

            JULIE: At 3:31 this morning, he texted me a photo of a couple of ladies wearing feathers and glitter, chatting next to a dumpster.


              Yard Work Update

              See, cuz, like: Dave’s the sheriff.

              DAVE [heading out to lacrosse practice]: Hey, by the way: nice post today.

              JULIE [absently] : Thanks.

              DAVE [meaningful look in JULIE’S direction]:

              JULIE: Oh. Right.

              DAVE [turns to go, chuckling. In high-pitched JULIE voice]: “Ohhhhhhh, I’m going to be ENSLAVED…”

              JULIE [calls after him]: Well, it’s […]

                I Win.

                I just think she’s unbearably cute in her competition dress.

                On my way to a weekend of Irish Dance competition on Friday, I was on the phone with my brother Mike, and he asked where we were headed. I said, “The girls and I are going to a weekend of competitions. Dave and Cam are […]

                  Dad’s Voice

                  He was so so funny. You just have no idea.

                  I hear Dad’s voice in my head all the time. He was such a font of little sayings and phrases, and when I’m stumped as to what to do, one of his phrases will pop into my mind: “Do it and you’re done,” […]

                    Helen Keller, JJ Style

                    Addie J’s performance as Helen Keller in her classroom’s Wax Museum took place this morning. It was completely fabulous. Each child wore a big “Push to Start” button, and when it was pushed, the child recited his or her speech in first person: “Hello. My name is Helen Keller. I was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama…” Their various costumes ranged from an incredible Pocahontas, complete […]

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