Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Davey. Thanks for the following things, among others:

Still thinking my jokes are funny. Making me breakfast every single morning. That cute way you chew your gum when you’re focused on something. Making yourself into a lacrosse guy from the ground up, in service of your son. Getting up last night to […]

    My List of Valentines, in No Particular Order


    Exact replica of how our torte turned out.


    the adorable Valentine decorations that Christine brought over for the kids a nonfat, no water, extra-hot chai from Starbucks (I know how annoying that order is) the dimple in Addie J’s right cheek my king-sized pillowtop mattress the way Gabby giggles […]

      Valentine’s Day? No Thanks.

      PSA: if you buy your sweetheart a Valentine from the drugstore, do yourself a favor and take it out of the bag when you give it. Nothing ruins the moment like a plastic Walgreens bag and a receipt with a Dulcolax coupon on the back.

      Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I’m not that invested in Valentine’s […]

        Candy Insults

        Addie J just brought me a Valentine Heart, saying, “This is what I’m saying to you, Mommy.” Then she hugged me and ran away. I believe the heart was intended to read, “U R HOT,” but it was stamped a little crooked.

        So what Addie J was saying to me ended up being, “U […]

          Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

          I’ve got kind of a Valentine’s Day list here:

          To my parents. Love is forever.

          To my nieces and nephews. You will never truly know how lucky you are to have each other.

          To my friends. In the past year or two, I have begun to understand how lucky I am, […]


            The kids and I were watching a movie tonight.  I was snuggled up to Addie J and stroking her hip, when I realized I could feel an underwear line.  I said, “JJ, are you wearing underwear?”

            Still focused on the movie, she replied without looking at me, “No, I don’t like to wear underwear.  […]

              Happy Valentine’s Day, Take II!

              This morning Dave left early.  When I got up about 20 minutes later, I found a chai waiting for me on the bathroom counter with the words “I love you!” written on the rim (nice touch, Dave.  Or: I think the barrista has a thing for you, Dave).  Then kids each had a card for me, […]

                Happy Valentine’s Day!

                Dave had probably just told me he loves me. Or maybe he was telling me he could see down the front of my dress. It's a 50/50.

                On the 14th of February I will be running around all day, so I thought I would post a Valentine to my husband a little early.  (You’re thinking […]

                  Scenes from this morning….

                  *Gabby was brushing her teeth in my bathroom, when I realized she was actually staring into the mirror, motionless, with her toothbrush in her mouth.  I said, “What are you doing, Gabs?” and she answered, “Seeing if my teeth will brush themselves.”

                  *Cameron was doing his hair (also in my bathroom) (no, I don’t […]

                    I’m Taking the Kids to Chili’s.

                    I realize what Gabby is wearing.  Trust me, this is the least ridiculous outfit she has run by me in the past thirty minutes.  I know that, without that context, it seems like I should be reported to DCFS for letting her out of the house in a patriotic tshirt, blue-and-green dress, candy cane leggings […]

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