Five years ago today, we were sitting around Dad’s bed. We had been there for days, a large group of us- sometimes as many as 20 people but never fewer than six- continually surrounding Dad with love and witnessing his final battle. I will never dishonor his fight by referring to him as having lost. […]

    Dad Pics

    My sister-in-law, Erin, created a custom book about my dad to give to Violet when she was born. It was the best idea and it’s such a cute book. Yesterday I found in my drawer the little stack of photos I had found at E’s request, which she used in the book. I have […]

      Looking at Dad

      The kids are all getting their bedrooms redone for Christmas, so we started the process by having them clean out their closets and dressers. This is a horrifying ordeal and, if I had to choose between this and our drive home with Dave needing to vomit every 50 miles… well, I’d really have to […]

        The Fifth Christmas

        We had our annual holiday brunch over the weekend. As usual, it was a great day celebrating the season with our friends and family. That evening, I logged onto Facebook to see that, exactly five years ago, we held our brunch on the same day. Here’s the photo I posted from that day, in […]

          Miss you, Dad.

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            Dad Fact

            This is from about the time that I teased Dad until he threw out his food and left the room. (Now that I have a teenager, I totally get that.) Also, as ever: please enjoy Dad’s mustache, which he probably grew that morning.

            Almost nothing grossed Dad out. I mean, you know how […]

              Wednesday Dad Story

              Dad at Mardi Gras, raking it in as always.

              I just have one fact for you today: when I graduated from Tulane, my parents came to New Orleans to watch me walk in the ceremony, and to help me move. I had no job lined up yet in my new city and was at […]

                Dad Fact of the Day

                Dave and I had been together for 9 months when he asked me to marry him (side note: this worked out obviously– but it seems impossibly, unadvisedly soon for us to have taken such a big step. Yet no one in our lives said anything. Sometimes I look back, amazed that we didn’t catch […]

                  Random Dad Facts

                  Look at his hilarious expression. Shenanigans for sure.

                  My brother Mike will have a better handle on this story than I do. But: one year while Mike was in college, his fraternity was auctioning off various items for something or another. Dad bid on, and bought, a cooler full of beer. Then he wheeled […]

                    Dad and Cam

                    Cam and Dad, doing what they loved the most: checking out cars.

                    Cam is so like my dad in so many ways: he looks so much like him of course. And– and I didn’t really put this together until after Dad died, I guess because I’m slow on the uptake– Cam gets his […]

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