Et tu, Guinness?

They’re probably all about to start sneezing.

Okay, when I was a kid I did not have allergies, except to cats. As an adult I do not have allergies, except to cats. Then I married Dave, who- for all his physical strength and toughness- is a total Milhouse in terms of seasonal allergies. Which […]

    Nature is taking its course.

    True-to-life depiction.

    Guinness, after his triumphant and rather traumatizing capture of a baby rabbit in our yard last week, has had another win in his incessant guarding of our yard against all tiny animals evil invaders. Behold the text conversation I had with Gabby last night:



    JULIE: See you in a few […]

      Worst. Sound. Ever.

      I have heard that rabbits can scream. It is, excruciatingly, true.

      In other, possibly related news: Guinness can run much faster than I have ever anticipated.

      (Happy ending: Cammy and I did save the rabbit, although it wasn’t uninjured…..)

        I blame the shoes.

        Don’t be fooled: it looks all neat and pretty, but the feet inside these shoes are nightmares.

        Last night I was innocently doing a little repair job on Gabby’s Irish dance buckles. Sitting at the kitchen table, feet up on another chair, hurting no one.

        Let’s back up: we all know that I’m […]

          Tuesday Bullets

          Apropos of nothing: if you intend to live a life of crime, and are hoping to get away with it, then maybe hold off on the facial tattoos. Spring is in that mode where it’s still fairly chilly in the mornings, so I’m never quite sure if I can wear open-toed shoes. These […]

            Weekend Milestones

            What??? One of these young men is my little guy, who used to wear my peach scarf around his head and pretend he was Michelangelo from the Ninja Turtles??

            Cam had two lacrosse games yesterday. I realized about two minutes into the first game, that he’s no longer the smallest kid on the […]

              It’s a Dog Bed. A DOG Bed.

              My mother-in-law, Kathy, is very talented with her sewing machine and has made us many cool items over time– from a beautiful quilt for me, with the kids’ photos printed on the fabric, to a comforter for Cam’s bed, to a mustache-print skirt for the J. She has made Gabby not one but two […]

                Things I’m Learning: Dog Edition

                I’ve never had a small dog before; our dogs have always been of the 40-60 pound variety. Guinness, however, tips the scales at about 19 pounds. This makes him one-half to one-third the size of the dog we are accustomed to owning. And a lot of that has been a positive experience for us, actually: he […]

                  Complex Morning Negotiations

                  Cam left early this morning for a daylong soccer camp. I woke him about forty minutes before he had to leave and he said, rolling over, “I can’t get up yet. It’s not possible.” Not long before he left, he was sitting at the kitchen table, finishing his breakfast, barefoot. I remarked, “Do you […]

                    Captain Ticks

                    That’s the dog’s new nickname.

                    I don’t want to talk about it.


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