Amazing Weekend.

This weekend, the gentlemen in our house drove 6 hours in one direction while the ladies drove 4 hours in the opposite direction. We had lacrosse and dance. It turned out to be the most incredible, winningest weekend ever: Cam’s team went undefeated and won their tournament, while Gabby was on top of her game […]

    Cam’s Dad, the Coach.

    I know I’ve told you that Dave was drafted to be one of the coaches on Cam’s lacrosse team. I don’t know if I’ve told you how amazing he was? Dave was originally slated to be the assistant coach. Shakeups in the league meant that our head coach spent most of his time handling […]

      Mother’s Day Madness

      Here are some moments from my Mother’s Day weekend, for your amusement:

      Earlier in the week, Dave found what appeared to be my Mother’s Day gift from Gabby. Turns out, it was going to be my gift in 2013– when she hid it, and then forgot about it. So in addition to this year’s Gabby […]

        Teamwork, Baby.

        I feel strongly that team sports are wonderful character-builders for kids. They learn so much about team-building, about reaching goals as a group, about working together– and as I tell my college students when they’re all, “GROUP PROJECT!! We hate group projects!!”– you will be working in teams, on group projects, for the rest […]

          I’ll Never Survive.

          He looks good, right?

          Lacrosse season has begun. I love watching lacrosse games- I’ve got next to no prior experience, so I’m learning the game as I watch Cam play. And I really love the speed of the game, and the mechanics of the game. It’s just a cool game to watch. This […]