Mardi Gras!!!

UPDATE: I believe I have fixed that awful issue where none of you could see the pics. Let me know if you are still having trouble.

We had a great trip this year. On the way home, Dave and I agreed it was one of our best ever. Once again, some photos for you:



    Fly The W

    I keep checking to see if my employer will allow us to stay home and celebrate today, but they must be too busy celebrating to put out that notice just yet. In the meantime:

    Never, ever, ever, ever, EVER give up.

      If something offends you, what do you do?

      My undergraduate alma mater is at the center of this controversy, wherein an adjunct professor was fired from his teaching and his janitorial positions at the school after several messy layers of potential academic censorship and allegations of sexual harassment. None of what happened is clear to me, and since I have no information […]


        Yesterday, a friend of mine posted about one of my pet peeves: those who jack up the school run by blocking the through lane. I was just agreeing with her in my head– when she went on to say something like, “But I don’t know what it is about their lives, or even their […]

          My office supplies problem.

          I need all of these items immediately.

          I have a serious office supplies problem. I love office supplies. I love Post-It notes and book tabs and desk organizers and smooth-flowing pens. I remember my first job where we had a supplies closet; I could go in there and take anything I wanted for […]

            Marriage Equality is Here!

            Today, the Supreme Court handed down a ruling which legalizes same-sex marriage in all 50 states. This issue is close to my heart. I want my children and their children to live in a country and a culture which accepts and celebrates love and commitment in all of its wonderful, diverse forms. I want my friends’ […]

              It never occurred to me that I would regularly visit Virginia.

              Really. If you asked me where I thought I might be a regular visitor, I would tell you New Orleans for sure (which is true). I would say my husband’s hometown (also true). It is possible that I might have anticipated all the day-trip overnights we do, for lacrosse and dance. But I don’t think […]

                The New Dress….

                Subtle, no? …This is what we’re up against.

                Gabby, much to my dismay, has outgrown her Irish dance costume. It’s been let out all the way. We could maybe force it through another year– but then, I’m not positive it would last.


                So, new solo dress it is. Lish has been sketching new […]

                  Tiger Moms Unite!

                  A couple of people have been posting links to this snippet about a study, done at the University of Exeter. The gist is that girls with moms described as “pushy” tend to be more successful.

                  Um, DUH.

                  I will never, ever, ever understand that parental attitude of “As long as you pass the class” […]

                    I’m Looking in the Wrong Direction, I Guess.

                    Among Shakespeare’s dramas, perhaps my two favorites are King Lear and Macbeth. One of the reasons I love them so much is their strong female villains, who are quite clearly presented (unlike Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude, who might be evil– but then again, she might just be fickle and needy). Lear’s awful daughters, Regan and […]

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