Quotable Dave

In case you haven’t picked up on this by now, the Gabster is not a particularly sensitive child. She knows where everyone else’s buttons are and can play them like a concert pianist, yet she herself is able to let almost anything roll off her back. Last night, Gabs was messing around at dinnertime, […]

    OMG I'm having a baby.

    I really am.  This is real.  It’s going to happen.  And it keeps hitting me at the oddest times. Sitting in traffic: “We won’t be taking our vacation this summer because of the baby.” Doing the dishes: “I wonder if I have enough baby spoons.” Wrapping gifts: “This time next year, there will be […]

      “We’re here with your lunch”

      My office has a Christmas lunch , where we bring our kids, they get little gifts, those of us on vacation come in for a few hours, we all hang out & etc. Since we don’t have a secretary or receptionist, we share the responsibility of setting up the lunch and this year was […]

        14 weeks: How Vomit Spoiled Our Weekend

        Here was the original schedule for this weekend:

        1. noon: Cameron goes to party #1 2. 1:30: drop Gabby at my mom’s and head to wedding 3. 2:00: Cameron goes to party #2 4. 5:00: Cameron goes to my mom’s and the kids sleep over

        Sunday: 1. Brunch 2. Followed by last-minute shopping 3. 2:00: […]

          A spoonful of sugar

          Dave bought the kids a CD of Harry Connick, Jr, singing some children’s songs, and they are loving “Spoonful of Sugar.” I was listening to Cam sing it to himself just now: “A spoonful of SugAAAHHHHH helps the MEDICINE, go DOWN…. MEDICINE go DOOOOWN…. MEDICINE, GO DOWN…..a spoonful of sugAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH–helpsthemedicinegodown…….IN a most DEE-LIGHT-FUL WAY!!!!!!!” […]

            13 weeks-- hospitals, Christmas shopping, and the mustache

            First of all– and most importantly– my insurance provider has worked out a contract with the hospital where I want to deliver, so that big worry is over!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!

            This weekend we dropped Cam and Gabs off with a friend and went downtown, for lunch and Christmas shopping with another couple. We had such […]

              An email I received about Cameron

              A friend sent me this email today, to thank me for throwing the brunch, and here is what she added about Cameron:

              I was not having a good day when I got to your house, and was really looking forward to just getting myself a Bloody Mary and hanging out with the girls. Instead, […]

                12 weeks- the return of the ghetto booty

                When I was pregnant with Cameron, I had like an all-over fat suit. Head to toe. Then, when I got pregnant with Gabby, I acquired a big, hilarious J-Lo ghetto booty. Based on the early reappearance of that booty, Dave is even more convinced that it’s a girl. In fact, on Saturday night we were […]

                  A Gabrielle funny

                  Gabby is very picky about her bath products and likes to choose her shampoo, conditioner (yes, she has so much hair that it requires conditioner), and then stand at my bathroom counter and pretend to put on all my makeup– and for some reason, she thinks it’s all supposed to go on her eyebrows: […]

                    11 Weeks-- a Thanksgiving Recap

                    Here is a random list of things that went on over the weekend:

                    1. I got a migraine on Thanksgiving morning.

                    2. Traditionally, Thanksgiving is taken by my siblings as an opportunity to mercilessly bring up embarrassing memories from my past. This year, my brief fling with the guy who later came out of […]

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