My siblings have the bodily function obsession, too.

My brother and his wife are looking for houses in new construction neighborhoods, and he just called to ask about a neighborhood near me. While we were talking, I asked him how they had liked a neighborhood they looked at on Sunday. Well, it turns out they have totally crossed that neighborhood off the […]

    WTF. Honestly now, WTF.

    My husband is in a phase where he feels that I do most of the housework, and he wants to do more of it. This is actually not true– Dave and I share the housework pretty equally most of the time. But for whatever reason this comes up every once in awhile, mainly when […]

      I just wonder.

      Let me set some facts before you all, and get your opinion on whether it’s just some bad coincidences, or whether something sounds off in this family. It’s something that came to my attention yesterday, and I can’t get it out of my head:

      There is a boy and a girl in this family, […]

        “So You Think You Can Dance.”

        I am not a fan of reality shows and “American Idol” in particular. But I walked past the television last night and saw 5 seconds of the dance contest show, “So You Think You Can Dance,”…. and oh my God, I was glued to the set until it was over. GLUED. My favorite part: […]

          Excerpt from a telephone conversation

          [My extension rings at the office.]

          Julie: This is Julie. Caller: Carla? Julie: No, this is Julie. There is no Carla here. Caller: …….um, who did you say you were? Julie: Julie. Caller: Who did I call? Julie: You called my cell phone. Caller: ….. this isn’t Official Canvas and Supply? Julie: No, it’s […]

            Update: Gabby and the raisins

            [From another AIM message of my husband’s:]

            Dave: btw…I could just kick your ass over gabby’s raisin dumps

            Dave: she just blew out another pair of shorts

            Dave: The next time you decide to give her a bucket of raisins, you’re staying home for the next two days. She has gone through 5 pairs […]