Pick your Favorite:

After an entire day of horror in the bathroom down the hall, we’ve decided to take the direct approach and hang a sign. Which do you like best?

“My 2-year-old can flush the toilet. Can you?”

“No one wants to hear from your Curried Chicken”

“Seek Medical Assistance”

“You know someone else is in […]

    How does that shoe taste?

    Once again, I have totally put my foot in my mouth. Some colleagues and I were talking about a really annoying client, whom I have met in person and they have not. I said, “He is the biggest loser. First of all, he told me he lives with his mother. Secondly, he’s got a […]

      How to Have a Bonfire

      1. Marry man who insists on keeping financial records from the Time Before the Moon.

      2. Convince him to destroy all records from the 2 oldest years (this will take approx 7 years of marriage).

      3. Somehow get it into your head that it will be fun to have a fire in your firepit, […]


        Dave likes to make me breakfast in the mornings when I go to the office. He also packs me a lunch to take with me so I don’t have to figure out what I’m going to eat. But several problems have cropped up here:

        1. He packs my lettuce and tomato EACH in separate […]