11 Weeks-- a Thanksgiving Recap

Here is a random list of things that went on over the weekend:

1. I got a migraine on Thanksgiving morning.

2. Traditionally, Thanksgiving is taken by my siblings as an opportunity to mercilessly bring up embarrassing memories from my past. This year, my brief fling with the guy who later came out of […]

    525,600 pieces of ginger....

    …do not keep a person from throwing up. Even if that person holds her nose while eating the offensive ginger. Even if she eats the recommended 300 mg (or whatever it was that her husband insisted was the recommended amount).  Rather, it makes the puking exponentially grosser.  Stupid ginger. 

    Also, I got a baby […]

      10 weeks: changes...

      1. I. Feel. Like. Crap. 2. I was Godmother at my niece’s Baptism yesterday. I am in a terrible wardrobe stage, where none of my old clothes fit but I’m not big enough for maternity. 3. Why do I have to pose for photo opportunities in this situation? 4. Gabby got her first haircut […]

        9 Weeks

        Well, assuming that all is well, I am now 9 weeks pregnant. I feel pretty good today– usually a sign that the next day will totally suck, but we’ll see. I am doing the rubber-band trick with all my jeans now, and having trouble finding shirts that cover my half-zipped belly (why are all […]


          When I was pregnant with Gabrielle and feeling ill, Dave used to make me smoothies in the blender. He even bought a recipe book for smoothies, and Cameron and I used to go through the list together and try recipes.  So yesterday, Dave was asking me which kind of smoothie I liked best before […]

            Gabby's input.

            Gabs was sitting on the kitchen counter just now, and she happened to pick up the ultrasound pic from last week. (We have avoided mentioning anything to the kids, just in case.) She looked at it for a second, then said, “Mom, look– it’s a parasaurolophus!!!” [Note: she is not Baby Einstein. She merely […]

              No more drama, I promise.

              I guess I can blame it on my hormones, but I’m all over the place these days. You are all such sweethearts to stick with me– reading over my past few entries, I’m even annoying myself with all the ups-and-downs. So here’s the situation: I am 8 weeks pregnant. I have a history of […]


                So I just got the results of my blood work, and my progesterone is really low.  My doctor says we can try supplements, but practically speaking, we’ll just have to wait and see if the pregnancy succeeds.

                I have no faith. I am waiting around for the inevitable crash.

                  An IM conversation with Dave

                  Julie: I am Julie: SO Julie: PREGNANT.  (OMG!!!!!)   And SICK. Julie: (sick-face icon) Dave: Sorry pal Julie: That’s it?!?!? Dave: …… for now.?? Julie: Fine. I’m not telling you the secret I just heard about, then.

                  [Note: the following is a common Gabby saying, which Dave and I have appropriated into our normal conversation]


                    A little heartbeat.

                    It seems that I am having a baby.

                    We saw the flickering of a little heartbeat (HUGE relief), and my doctor said, “Everything appears to be completely healthy and normal.”  And the biggest surprise was that I am about a week further along than I thought. I was thinking my due date would be late […]