My favorite incident

We traditionally go to Mass on Christmas Eve evening. This year it was my family, my parents, my aunt with her 3 kids, and my younger brother. Mike is 24 and has a long history of hilarious things happening to him.

So, mass kicked off and Cam and Gabby began their usual litany […]

    My favorite gift

    My mil is a seamstress, an I knew she was making a new bathrobe for Gabby and a tied fleece blanket for Addison– nothing too stressful or complicated. She makes my girls the cutest ponchos to wear in the spring, too, btw. Anyhow, I opened a gift at my mil’s house, thinking it was […]

      Christmas bullet blog

      **Instead of my standard gift card for teachers, I bought these lovely cocktail plates a few months ago and thought I would come up with something good to bake. Well, the so-called foolproof bon bons I chose ended up looking like balls of cat puke, so I made some fudge last night as a […]

        Can you stand one more Gabby story?

        We were going to Target yesterday and Gabby wanted to wear her lavender gloves. Problem was, we could only find one lavender glove. Dave tried to talk her into wearing the pink gloves, then into wearing one lavender and one pink. All of these options were greeted with extreme disdain, and finally Dave told […]

          Back at the ER for Cammy...

          We were at a pizza restaurant on Friday night and Cam was having mostaccioli. He asked if he could cut the pasta with his knife– you know those dull butter knives you get at a pizza place? So I said sure. About 20 minutes later he started yelling, “Mom!!! Mom!!!!!” sounding frantic. I looked […]

            Getting to know you: Holiday Edition

            Here is a random sampling of my answers from one of those email getting-to-know-you questionnaires. I’ve left out the stupid ones. Enjoy!

            1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? *Neither– chai

            2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? *Wraps– except for Addison. Her stuff will just be set up […]

              The agony of the Kohl's checkout

              I’ve decided that Kohl’s checkout is surely the slowest and least efficient checkout anywhere on the planet– and that INCLUDES when I used to shop at The Real Superstore in New Orleans for my groceries. We bought some holiday dinnerware there and had to exchange a chipped cup, so my sister called and asked […]

                What the kids are thankful for.

                I just went upstairs, where Dave, Cam, and Gabster are watching “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” and I paused the movie and asked each kid what they were thankful for. Responses:

                Cam: I’m thankful for God giving us food.

                Julie: That’s so nice, Cam. Gabby, what are you thankful for?


                Julie: Gabby?


                Dave: […]

                  Things to be Thankful for....

                  1. I have my yearly McDonald’s eggnog shake in the freezer, just waiting for me. 2. I’ve already made 1 of 2 pies I’ll be bringing tomorrow. 3. It looks really, really good. 4. Since Addison is sleeping much better, Dave and I have actually managed to hook up!!! 5. Cameron had a dentist […]

                    November 17 bullet blog

                    *We took my friend Summer’s advice and put Addison in the swing last night. She slept in it pretty well for about 4 hours, so I’m feeling a little better today.

                    *I’m thinking she may have a small ear infection. My ped’s current advice is to wait 48 hours to see if an […]

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