The name game redux

Here are some more names, courtesy of Dave and my sister, who had a pow-wow about it this evening:

Gianna (I reeeeeally don’t think so), Hannah, Meghan, Natalie, Daisy, Maisie, Murphy (Dave’s pick and it’s not happening), Grace

Nicholas, Sean (doubtful– Britney Spears association), Dylan, Samuel, Finnegan/ Finn, Jack, Aidan

You can weigh in […]

    19 weeks: the name game

    I got my hair cut yesterday, and after expressing shock that I was 5 months pregnant and saying she had no idea by looking at me (evidently, she thinks I’m always a big cow), my stylist asked me if we knew the gender. First of all, I cannot believe I am far enough along […]

      18 weeks: more good news at work

      So I had to be in the office this morning. I was choosing some shoes online for the kids (I know, nice work ethic ) when my supervisor asked if we could take a walk. I said, “Sure,” thinking it was going to be about kids, or some project– I don’t know.

      Instead it […]

        Daddy's Girl......

        An exchange from this morning:

        Julie: I love you, Gabby.

        Gabby: Yes, and I love Dad.

          Disney Rant

          Why is it so awful that Dave and I have no definite plans to take our kids to Disney World?!?!?! How did freaking Disney become the mecca of the family vacation? I’ve been to Disney, several times as a child and twice as an adult. It’s fun but not my favorite place ever… I […]

            You know your children's silly phrases have caught on when....

            You’re on the phone with your project manager, asking how the client reacted to the initial site survey, and he responds, “Well, they just sort of stood around saying, “Ummm…. I yike your shirt.” [Source: Cameron, any time he wants to say something nice but has no idea what is going on.]

            Your colleague […]

              Maternity leave-- CHECK!!!!!

              I just told my supervisor that I am pregnant.  I’ve been trying to tell her for a few days now, but she kept dodging me (I think she thought I was trying to resign).  So just today, we had this IM exchange:

              JULIE: Can we talk some time today?

              SUPERVISOR: Nope.

              JULIE: Tomorrow?

              SUPERVISOR: Sorry.  […]

                16 weeks: Julie's to-do list

                1. Complete paperwork I’m working on and get a copy to the secretary.

                2. Remember that it must be a HARD copy– that, according to the secretary, “attachments don’t always come through properly.”

                3. Remember that this secretary is idiosyncratic and territorial. Do not lose patience and offer to teach secretary how to open and […]