Crazy evening....

Things have been totally insane since about 3:00 yesterday.  I will say this, though– today is my birthday, and God love my parents and siblings because every one of them remembered to wish me a happy birthday in the midst of all the chaos. I had forgotten all about it when I woke up […]

    24 weeks: conflict, conflict.....

    Please note how my double chin is developing, and my ghetto booty is putting in an appearance.

    * I cannot believe I am 6 months pregnant.

    *I must work on my urban attitude towards my neighbors. This morning I was letting the dogs out, and my neighbor came out, looked at my […]

      Quotes from Gabby

      We have a roll of insulation above the rafters in the garage, and this morning she looked up at it and said, “We need to give that insulation food to Clara.” Clara is my neighbor’s cat, with whom Gabster is obsessed. And here are my questions: 1. how does she know what a bag […]

        Oh, no, I didn't!!!!

        So, Dave sent me an email detailing my birthday plans with my friend for next week, which I opened at the same time as I was reading a work-related email from someone named David. I answered the phone, came back to my desk, replied to Dave, “Thanks sweetie! I love you!” hit Send– and […]

          22 weeks: tell him or not?

          Dave gave each kid a granola bar this morning, to hold them over until we got to the diner for breakfast. Cam left his on the kids’ arts table, and the dog grabbed it and bit off half before I caught her. I put the other half on the counter (why I didn’t just toss […]